Obama's Bogus Birth Certificate

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Clearly, It's Counterfeit

Currently there are two copies of Obama's alleged Certification of Live Birth (COLB) on the Internet from the Obama campaign.  The original COLB was  posted on PolitiFact and the Daily Kos (click to enlarge) on June 12, 2008.  Kos says he received the document from the Obama campaign. Then we have one posted on Obama’s campaign website.  These documents appear to be identical.  This is the version of the document that Obama's campaign alleges came from the State of Hawaii -- the State of Hawaii says no.


The third, is posted on FactCheck.org (cursor down).  The first thing to notice is that the FactCheck.org document is slightly different than the other two. 


The FactCheck.org document has the folds, created in the mailing, the certification number, Alvin T. Onaka's signature stamp, and the official State of Hawaii raised seal.  The documents on the Daily Kos and Obama's own website have none of these.
If the State of Hawaii released one document, why do we see two versions?  Why are there two different documents posted on the Internet?


Notice that that the documents on Kos' and Obama's websites have no folds, the certificate number is blackened out (invalidating the certification), and is missing three official items -- the date stamp, the signature stamp, and the official seal.  The seal on a REAL certification of Live Birth is embossed, and would clearly be visible.  You can see there is no seal.


The Kos and Obama campaign documents could not have been produced and issued by the State of Hawaii -- no way!  So where did they come from?  More importantly, where did the evolved copy, on FactCheck.org come from?  Did FactCheck.org add the folds, certification number, signature stamp, and seal.  Somebody did!


Here is an actual Hawaii Certification of Live Birth, notice the embossed seal, and signature block -- missing from the document on Kos' and Obama's websites.



This side-by-side comparison of the "official seal" on the FactCheck.org document and the "official seal" on the authentic document, clearly demonstrates that the seal on the FactCheck.org document is itself counterfeit.


These are the documents that Barack Obama has used to usurp the Office of the President of the United States -- and they're not even the same document.  Yet, this crap has been referred to by congress-critters, judges, journalists, and Obots as "the real deal."


You have entered the "Twilight Zone."


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