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The Cover Up Begins

Even before the election, the Political Left began to organize the cover up.  The key to the conspiracy to cover for Barack Obama was the ObamaMedia.


If the message was managed properly, all of the questions raised during the campaign about Obama's eligibility would just go away.  The Left was euphoric.  It was no longer, "Yes, we can."  It was, "Yes, we did."  Everybody would move on.


But, they would have to manage the message, and they would have to make their story stick.  If it ever got out of control people were going to jail.


Obama's team had to do two things.  They had to manage the message and tidy up Obama's loose ends. 


1.  The message:


Obama was a "native born" American citizen and his "birth certificate" is on the Internet.


The ObamaMedia ran with this story.  That was good enough for them.  To this day -- Obama is a citizen.  His "birth certificate" is on the Internet.  If you had any doubts you were a fringe person, and a conspiracy nut.  That was the party line.


To this day, no reporter has ever examined the "official-looking" document that the Obama Campaign showed to two unqualified and sympathetic examiners from  The partisan FactCheckers went, "Uh-huh!  Looks good to me!"


And the ObamaMedia said that the FactCheckers said that the document is OK, so it must be OK?  And they put it in all the papers, and on TV and on the radio and on the Internet -- Obama was a citizen and his "birth certificate" is on the Internet.


And the congressmen, and the senators -- they watch TV.  They read the papers.  They read the polls -- Obama was a citizen and his "birth certificate" is on the Internet -- that worked for them.


But who was doing the polls?  The same ObamaMedia that was pushing the meme, Obama was a citizen and his "birth certificate" is on the Internet.


So, has Team Obama managed the message.  You bet your butt!


2.  Tidy up loose ends:


Team Obama had to tidy up what amounted to a ton of loose ends.


It's working where politics controls the process.  Like the courts.


I've lost count of the number of court challenges that have been filed, but when you cut through all the legalese, these suits are simply asking Obama to identify himself.  I've been archiving stuff here for three years, and I could not tell you -- for certain -- who Obama is, where he came from, or who sent him.


No judge has ever heard testimony.  No judge has ever examined evidence.  Almost every case was dismissed for "standing," a legal nicety that allows America's judiciary to say that Obama's bona fides aren't the business of the American People.


It's working where propaganda is the message.  Like the ObamaMedia.


With the exception of "Tingles" Matthews, not one reporter has ever asked Obama why he won't release his long-form birth certificate.  No reporter has asked him why he continues to hide his life records from the American People, or why he has spent millions to keep those records hidden, or why he is continuing to illegally using civil servant, Justice Department attorneys, to block attempts by the American People to have them unsealed.


Not one.  Ever!


But, it's not working with the American People.  So, has Team Obama tidied up their loose ends -- no!  Has the ObamaMedia controlled the message?  In the long-run -- no!  Their attacks on regular folks have backfired.  Team Obama and the ObamaMedia are scared. 


Americans aren't stupid.  They smell a rat.  They know this emperor has no clothes.  And the more the ObamaMedia tells them they are stupid, or belong to a fringe, or a conspiracy, or that they're racists, the more these ordinary people push back.  They don't like being called stupid and racist, and now, a critical mass  has formed.  Birthers, in its broadest terms, now make up a clear majority of the American electorate.


The pejorative term "Birthers," created and applied to ordinary Americans by the ObamaMedia for the express purpose of ridiculing them, has been adopted by those inquisitive folks as a badge of honor, and the cover up is crumbling -- and the Obots know it. 


What began as a murmur has become a roar, as more an more Americans come to the realization that "something stinks" and they want Obama to put his bona fides on the table.


When it comes to conspiracies, you gotta ask yourself:


What are the Birthers hiding?  Answer:  nothing.

What is Obama hiding.  Answer:  everything!


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