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I Told You So

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that the Democrat and Socialist, Neil Abercrombie, [claims to have known] knew Barack Obama's parents when Obama was born here in 1961, and he has been aggravated by the so-called Birther movement, which alleges Obama was not born in the United States and thus should be expelled from office.

That is a false description of the "Birthers" -- which of course isn't a movement, at all.  Birthers are independent Americans who want Barack Obama to release his hidden bona fides.  The American People have a right to know and a need to know who Barack Obama is, where he's from, and who sent him.

There is no independently verified PROOF that Obama was born in the United States in the public domain -- none.  All of the PROOF comes from two sources, the Obama campaign and, and they have allied themselves in support of Obama's conspiracy to usurp the Office of the president of the United States.

Now Abercrombie has an office of his own -- he became governor of Hawaii on Dec. 6. -- and he intends to do something about it.  What, exactly, is unclear.  But in an interview this week at the state Capitol, he left little doubt that torpedoing the conspiracy theorists was a priority.

I predicted this as soon as Abercrombie, who I refer to as "Obama's life beard," announced his run for governor. 

Now that he's in office, his first priority is "torpedoing the conspiracy theorists," an odd statement, since the conspirators are Abercrombie, the Democratic Party, the Obama campaign, the Daily Kos, and

"What bothers me is that some people who should know better are trying to use this for political reasons," said Abercrombie, 72.  "Maybe I'm the only one in the country that could look you right in the eye right now and tell you, 'I was here when that baby was born.' "

I wrote, "Abercrombie is the only human being on the planet to put Barack Hussein Obama Sr. and Stanley Ann Dunham in the same room together" in 2008 -- read Abercrombie's statement, "I'm the only one in the country..." -- he's saying the same thing.  He's the only guy to ever put Obama Sr. and Anna together.  There are no photos of Obama Sr. from the early 1960s.  There are no letters.  Obama Sr. never spoke of having family in Hawaii -- never.

Abercrombie's bother Hal said he never saw them together and drinking buddy Pake Zane could not recall Ann from those days but had precise memories of Senior.

And, Abercrombie statement, "I was here when that baby was born," means nothing.  I was in Massachusetts "when that baby was born."  You were wherever you were "when that baby was born."  We were all someplace.  That doesn't document Obama's birthplace.

Ample evidence has been produced to discredit the "Birther" movement, so in the view of the White House, the Democratic governor's comments are reviving an issue that most people see as resolved.

"Ample evidence?"  That's a joke.  Here's Obama's "ample evidence," A fake autobiography, a counterfeit birth document, and two old newspaper clippings, that aren't even newspaper clippings.  You can't get a driver's license in Massachusetts with that stuff,

And the claim that the circumstance of Obama's birth is "an issue that most people see as resolved," is ludicrous.  A recent CNN poll (not known as a Birther organization) indicates that 6 out of 10 Americans question Obama's birthplace.

Although Abercrombie's goal may be to support Obama, experts who study political extremism say the release of additional evidence would only perpetuate the conspiracy theory.  They say people who embrace such theories are guided by suspicion and, therefore, view any contrary evidence as part of the conspiracy.

"Abercrombie's goal may be to support Obama" -- you think?  And, you want evidence of a conspiracy?  Read this.  This is a documented conspiracy, not the hallucinations of a liberal reporter from the Los Angeles Times.

Obama's mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, was born in Kansas and met and married his father, also named Barack, when the two were college students in Hawaii.  Obama was born at Kapi'olani Maternity & Gynecological Hospital in Honolulu on Aug. 4, 1961.

There is no evidence or documentation of a marriage -- none, nada, zilch.

Kapi'olani refuses to support the notion that Obama was born at their facility.  There is no plaque in the lobby identifying the hospital as, "The birthplace of the 44th President of the United States."

And if Obama was born at Kapiolani, why have both Obama and the Obama campaign claimed the Queens medical center as Obama's birthplace?  Of course there's no evidence to support that assertion, either.

The actual wording on Obama's "Organizing for America" website is:

1.  Barack Hussein Obama, was born 4 August, 1961 at the Queens Medical Center in Honolulu, Hawaii...


And even liberal talker Bill Press says he was born at Queens Medical Center.  What Press said is, "Even after the Hawaii Department of Health produced his birth certificate -- born August 4, 1961, at Honolulu's Queens Medical center..."

According to Obama's Kenyan step-grandmother Sarah, he was born in Mombasa, Kenya.

That's three hospitals that the Obama, his supporters and family have identified as his birthplace.  It used be "George Washington slept here."  Now it's Barack Obama was born here, and here, and here, and... 

There will soon be plaques everywhere saying, "birthplace of the 44th President of the United States -- but there isn't a single one, yet????

But in 2008, as Obama ran for president, critics posted allegations online, without proof, that he was born in Kenya.

Critics?  Without proof?  What about supporters? 

Here's a whole page of "reliable news sources," such as the Associated Press and National Public Radio, that reported he was born in Kenya.  Five Kenyan officials said Obama was born in Kenya, most in formal session.  Family members, specifically his step-grandmother, and wife Michelle, have said Obama was born in Kenya.

The allegations that Obama was born in Kenya come from the liberal press, his family and Kenyan officials, not from Birthers.

That June, the Obama campaign released a certificate of live birth, an official document from the Hawaii Health Department certifying the facts of a person's birth, as proof of his birthplace.  Investigations by two prominent fact-checking organizations, PolitiFact and, concluded that the certificate was authentic.  FactCheck also turned up a 1961 birth announcement in the Honolulu Advertiser marking the birth of a son to "Mr. and Mrs. Barack H. Obama of Kalanianaole Hwy."

The "official document from the Hawaii Health Department" is debunked, here -- it's bogus.  And the only people certifying the facts of Obama's birth are these two political operatives.

However, this is the first time I've heard that it was that "discovered" the birth announcement, and this assertion clearly puts at the center of the conspiracy to fraudulently document Obama's mysterious birth circumstance.

PolitiFact also published this statement from Janice Okubo, the Communications Officer for the Hawaii Department of Public Health -- "I don't know that it's possible for us to even say beyond a doubt what the image on the site represents."

But the Hawaii birth document, dated 2007 and generated at the request of the Obama campaign, was insufficient for some of Obama's detractors.  They demand the release of his original birth certificate, which in Hawaii is not a public record.  Several lawsuits have been filed seeking to force Obama to disclose more information, but they have been routinely dismissed by courts.

The Hawaii birth document, dated 2007 and generated at the request of the Obama campaign is clearly bogus, but where did this birth document come from?

"... they have been routinely dismissed by courts."  True, and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas tells us why that is -- "We're evading that one" -- and Army Col. Denise R. Lind, acting as a judge in the prosecution of Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin, told us the reason why, when she said opening up such evidence could be an "embarrassment" to Obama

Bills have been introduced in state legislatures that would require presidential candidates to document that they were born in this country. One was passed by the Arizona House of Representatives in April. Similar legislation was introduced in Congress in 2009 and failed to gain traction, but the attempt troubled Abercrombie.

Bills are currently working their way through a dozen state legislatures, and of course they trouble Abercrombie.  If Obama's bona fides are released, both he an Obama are out of jobs.  Hell, they could both end up in Leavenworth.

Hawaii's existing requirements for certification of their presidential candidates didn't get in the way of certifying Obama's constitutional eligibility.  Hawaii just filed an illegal certification.
Here is
a statement on the law from the State of Hawaii, Office of Elections, dated December 18, 2008.  Note the highlighted paragraph 2:

"(2) a statement by the political party that each candidate is legally qualified to serve under the provisions of the United States Constitution..."

here is the Democratic Party of Hawai’i certification for Obama.  It is missing the required language, "qualified to serve under the provisions of the US Constitution."  Instead, it substitutes the following language:

"THIS IS TO CERIFY that the following candidates for President and Vice president of the United States are legally qualified to serve under the provisions of the national Democratic parties..."

"More than demonization -- this is self-evisceration of politics," said Abercrombie, who raised the birthplace issue unprompted during the interview. "Empires fall and countries fall when that takes the place of discourse."

No, Abercrombie.  This is self-evisceration of politics.  This is fraud on a massive scale.

In Hawaii, the efforts to challenge Obama's birthplace still burden the state government with endless requests for further documentation, officials have said.  Abercrombie's predecessor, Republican Linda Lingle, in May signed legislation that allowed the state to ignore repeated nuisance inquiries.

That's because those "repeated nuisance inquiries" revealed the obfuscation and stonewalling of Hawaiian officials.

"If I were the governor, I would call a press conference, I'd pull out all the records I have and show the world he was born in Hawaii," said state Sen. Will Espero, a Democrat who sponsored that bill.

Please! Espero.  Please!  Pull out all the records.  I dare you.  I double dare you.  That's all we're asking for -- "all the records."

But the state has consistently held that releasing all of Obama's records would be a violation of its citizens' confidentiality, and that privacy rights should not be sacrificed to appease extreme views.  Espero said he understands that stance and noted that the conspiracy theories have ebbed.

The state refuses to release, "all of Obama's records."  They just release selected part's of Obama's records.  The parts that support their story, a violation of Hawaii law.

Republican governor, Lind Lingle, who was a McCain campaign member, and a party to "The Deal," has a vested interest in supporting Obama's story.

She said, "So I had my health director, who is a physician by background, go personally view the birth certificate in the birth records of the Department of Health, and we issued a news release at that time saying that the president was, in fact, born at Kapi'olani Hospital in Honolulu, Hawaii.  And that's just a fact and yet people continue to call up and e-mail and want to make it an issue and I think it's again a horrible distraction for the country by those people who continue this."

Lingle's statement, above, is a lie.  Fukino's statement never identified Kapiolani as Obama's birthplace -- never, never, never!

Fukino said, "[I have]...personally seen and verified that the Hawai‘i State Department of Health has Sen. Obama’s original birth certificate on record...," so there is a document. 

Hawaii released an Adobe document containing an alphabetical list of births, produced from the Hawaii Birth Index database, containing the names of those issued Certificates of Hawaiian Birth from 1911 to 1971, for those who did not get a standard Birth certificate, at birth." The name Obama does not exist.

Beyond the lie, if Lingle disclosed Obama's birth hospital without his permission, she has committed a misdemeanor.  If Obama gave permission for this public disclosure, then Hawaii no longer has a basis for maintaining the privacy of Obama's birth records.

§338-18 Disclosure of records. (a) To protect the integrity of vital statistics records, to ensure their proper use, and to ensure the efficient and proper administration of the vital statistics system, it shall be unlawful for any person to permit inspection of, or to disclose information contained in vital statistics records, or to copy or issue a copy of all or part of any such record, except as authorized by this part or by rules adopted by the department of health.

But the movement made news this month, when a former Army officer, Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin, was dismissed from the military and sentenced to six months in military prison after he refused to deploy to Afghanistan because he claimed Obama may be ineligible to serve as president.

Judge "Lind denied Lakin the right to discovery, and forbade the defense from producing any evidence or experts" -- pretty good definition of a kangaroo court -- no discovery, no evidence, no experts -- no defense.

A decorated military physician, with 18 years of honorable service, goes down because Obama refuses to release his birth certificate.

Obama has been fighting the release of his birth certificate (and other documents) for three years now.  Kinda makes one wonder, what could possibly on (or not on) that document that Obama is so afraid of? 

"When you look at the certification of live birth … you don't find the name of the doctor, hospital or signature," said prominent "birther" Orly Taitz, a California lawyer and dentist. "We've asked to see the original one that is still sealed."  Taitz said she is willing to debate Abercrombie on national television and "let the American people decide."

I'd pay to see that.

Last year, he sponsored a congressional resolution honoring the 50th anniversary of Hawaiian statehood, which included language stating, "Whereas the 44th president of the United States, Barack Obama, was born in Hawaii."

Everyone know that congressional resolutions carry no weight.  Congress can resolve anything, but they can't prove where Obama was born, or who his parents are.  Only the release of Obama's long-form, vault birth certificate can do that, and Obama has spent in excess of $2,000,000 to keep that document hidden from the American people.

However, it is important to understand, that wherever Barack Hussein Obama II was born, he is still ineligible to serve as POTUS.  He is a statutory citizen, and not a "natural born" citizen, as required by Article II, Section 1, Clause 5 of the United States Constitution.

But why would anyone believe Abercrombie?  He's a Marxist, like Obama, and has been a socialist since the early 1960s.  As of February 20, 2009  Abercrombie was listed as a member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, the Democratic Socialists of America's front group in Congress.  His wife Dr. Nancie Caraway was listed as a member of the Feminist Commission of the Democratic Socialists of America.

Abercrombie's Bullsh!t Fantasy Debunked
Four newspaper web sites have had articles on Abercrombie and his views about "Birthers" in the past three days.  It seems to have started with the Los Angeles Times that was addressed here, and which should be read before this item.  Then The New York Times, the Chicago Tribune, the Honolulu Star Advertiser and Politico got in on the act. 

This is a huge, coordinated political campaign by Abercrombie to discredit "Birthers."

But Abercrombie put his foot in it when he told Sheryl Gay Stolberg, writer for The New York Times, that he remembered Obama Sr. and Stanley Ann Dunham bringing the baby to social events.  The actual quote from the Times is:

"Mr. Abercrombie, 72, said that although he did not see the elder Obamas at the hospital with their newborn son, he did remember the couple bringing the baby to social events."

That statement is demonstrably a lie.  Stanley Ann Dunham left Hawaii days after Obama was born.  It was impossible for Abercrombie to see "the couple bringing the baby to social events," because Obama Sr. was in Hawaii, and Stanley Ann Dunham was in Seattle, Washington, 2678 air miles away.

Lets look at the evidence.

Anna and the infant Barry were in Washington state by August 1961, when she registered for classes at University of Washington using the Capitol Hill apartment address as her address.  Anna Dunham started night classes at the University of Washington's Fall semester on September 19, 1961.  She was living at that address in fall of 1962 when Barbara Cannon Rusk visited her.

Susan Blake, a former Mercer Island city councilwoman, recalls that Dunham, who was calling herself Ann Obama at the time, visited her at her house in Mercer Island during the last week of August, 1961 (search Scribd on "Blake").  Blake said that Anna left Honolulu just as soon she had clearance from her doctor to travel with her new baby.  He was just 3 weeks old the day of the visit.  Anna had sent a postcard that she would be in town, and was staying with a friend of her mother's.  She drove out to Blake's house in her mother’s friend's car, and Blake and Dunham spent the entire day together.

Here is a video in which Susan Blake recalls the visit and said Stanley Ann didn't know how to change diapers, and Dunham said to Blake, "Here, you do it." 

Here is a copy of Anna's transcript from the University of Washington.  It clearly shows her to have begun classes in Seattle on September 19, 1961.  Anna took a full course load in the spring of 1962, and had her transcript transferred to the University of Hawaii after the fall 1962 semester.

Stanley Ann returned to Hawaii over the Christmas holiday period 1962/1963, and began classes at the University of Hawaii.  Here is the documentation from the University of Hawaii, and here is additional documentation from Stuart Lau, University Registrar, University of Hawaii, that demonstrates Anna was not attending classes at the University of Hawaii, between the Fall of 1960 semester and the Spring semester of 1963.

Meanwhile, Obama Sr. was in Hawaii, attending classes at the university.

When Senior moved to Hawaii in June of 1959, it has been well documented that he originally lived in a room at the Atherton Y.M.C.A., not far from campus.  He later moved to a small, single story wooden home located at 625 11th Ave., located in the St. Louis Heights area.  Senior remained at 625 11th Ave., until he left Hawaii on June 22, 1962 -- after graduation.  Obama Sr. and Dunham never lived under the same roof together.

In an article in the Star-Bulletin, dated June 20, 1962, says, "A 1962 graduate, he [Obama Sr.] leaves next week...," and a second article about Barack H. Obama, in the Honolulu Advertiser, dated June 22, 1962, says, "The first African to graduate from the University of Hawaii leaves today..."

On his way east, Obama stopped in San Francisco and went to dinner at the Blue Fox in the financial district with Hal Abercrombie, who had moved to the city with his wife, Shirley.  Obama Sr. embarrassed the Abercrombies by, "...berating the guy [the waiter] and condescending every time the waiter came to our table.  There was a superiority and an arrogance about it that I didn't like."

There is no evidence, anywhere, that Obama Sr. and Anna ever lived under the same roof together, and this report says Hal Abercrombie, Neil's brother  said he never saw them together.  Drinking buddy, Pake Zane could not recall Ann from those days but had precise memories of Senior.

Years later, Abercrombie and another grad school friend looked up Obama Sr. during a trip through Africa.  At that point, the senior Obama was a bitter man, according to Abercrombie, feeling that he had been denied due opportunities to influence the running of his country.  "He was drinking too much; his frustration was apparent," Abercrombie said.

To Abercrombie's surprise, Senior never asked about Stanley Ann Dunham or Barry [Barack Obama].

This should be no surprise, because there never was a "marriage."  There's no better authority on Obama's life than his wife Michelle, and she tells us that his [Obama's] own mother was "very young and very single when she had him." (2nd source)

Isn’t it comforting to know that the new governor of Hawaii is a bold-faced liar, and if he’s lying, guess what? 

Obama’s lying too.

And isn't it interesting that Obama and Abercrombie are currently both in Hawaii, and this stuff started the day Obama arrived.  How much do you want to bet they had a drink together?

Jerome Corsi Slams Abercrombie
This is a long interview, and repeats much of what's been here in the last couple of day, but if you've got 22 minutes, give it a listen.

You can start the interview, and listen while you can continue your browsing.
You Scratch My Back . . .
Barack Obama is supporting Democratic gubernatorial nominee Neil Abercrombie in a new TV ad.

Obama, who was [allegedly] born in Hawaii, said in the ad released Wednesday, that Abercrombie is an inspiring leader and a lifetime friend.

Abercrombie faces Republican James "Duke" Aiona, the incumbent lieutenant governor, in the Nov. 2 election.

Obama said Abercrombie will help create jobs, improve schools and promote clean energy.  He said Abercrombie has the experience, independence and character needed to serve as governor.  Obama previously had endorsed Abercrombie in e-mail messages sent earlier this week.

Aiona's campaign responded that Abercrombie would bring tax-and-spend socialist politics to Hawaii.
Abercrombie Continues His Anti-Birther Campaign
As Abercrombie continues his attack on 60% of the American People, he was interviewed by Hawaiian News Now.
Almost everything that news reader said was a mischaracterization of the Obama eligibility issue.  He begins his "news" report by saying that Obama's been in office for almost two full years, and then trumpets:

"Abercrombie goes after the Birthers.  The governor says the conspiracy theory that Obama wasn't born in Hawaii has to end."

He then mischaracterizes the issue by saying that some say he [Obama] is not a US citizen, but the Obama citizenship meme is the standard Obot misdirection.  Obama's citizenship is not the issue.  Obama's eligibility to serve as president of the United States under Article II, Section 1, Clause 5 of the United States Constitution is the issue, and quite simply, Obama is NOT a "natural born" American citizen.

Abercrombie goes on to say, "those allegations come from the dark side, and he like to quiet that kind of talk once and for all."

I bet he would!  However, Abercrombie is not going to make the eligibility issues go away by lying his lying ass off.

Abercrombie whines, "This has to do with the people in Hawaii who love him, the "people who loved his mom and dad."

Hey, Abercombie, name two.  They don't exist.  Your own brother doesn't even remember Obama Sr. and Anna as a couple.

The news reader continues by saying the controversy began 2008, adding the Obama's mythological birth story from "Dreams...," about the mom from Kansas, and the (alleged) dad from Kenya.

Well, if Obama's dad really came from Kenya, Obama is not a "natural born" citizen, and and is ineligible for the office. The news guy just made the "Birthers" case, but rambles on saying that doubters claim he was born in Kenya or Indonesia.

Some do.  Some don't.  But Obama's birthplace is not important, unless it is discovered that Obama Sr. is not his father.   What's important is that Obama has dual citizenship, and is a "statutory" citizen.

The the news guy drags up the counterfeit Certification of Live Birth (COLB) that Obama's campaign posted on the Internet, but doesn't identify which one of the four bogus COLB's he's referring to.  Then he goes on to say that the state law says Hawaii can't release the long-form birth certificate, because it's not a public record, and references Dr. Fukino's statement that the original birth certificate is on record

If there's a long-form birth certificate, then why doesn't Obama release it?  What is on (or not on) that document that could possibly damage Obama so much that he has illegally spent over $2,000,000 of his campaign funds to keep it hidden from public view.  Why is Obama now illegally employing civil servant lawyers from the Justice department to preventing the American People from knowing who he is, where he comes from, and who sent him.

And, as far as that bogus COLB up on the Internet, the communications director from Hawaii's department of Health has said, on the record, "I don't know that it's possible for us to even say beyond a doubt what the image on the site represents."

Abercrombie goes on to say that challenging Obama's legal citizenship (more misdirection) is an insult to mother and father, saying he was friends of his mom and dad -- evidently the only one they had, because no one else ever remembers the couple, and that Obama deserves the respect of his office.

Well, Abercrombie, respect is earned, and as long as 58% of the American People have question about Obama's eligibility, he's not going to get the respect you think he deserves.
Abercrombie Can't Find Obama's Birth Certificate
Hawaii's new hippy-socialist governor, Neil Abercrombie, has a few interesting things to say in the last few paragraphs of a Honolulu Star-Advertiser article:

Questioner:  You stirred up quite a controversy with your comments regarding birthers and your plans to release more information regarding President Barack Obama's birth certificate.  How is that coming?

Abercrombie:  I got a letter from someone the other day who was genuinely concerned about it; it is not all just political agenda.  They were talking on Olelo last night about this; it has a political implication for 2012 that we simply cannot have.

The writer parenthesizes a footnote here -- (Abercrombie said there is a recording of the birth in the State Archives and he wants to use that.) 

It was actually written I am told, this is what our investigation is showing, it actually exists in the archives, written down ...

...What I can do, and all I have ever said, is that I am going to see to it as governor that I can verify to anyone who is honest about it that this is the case.

If there is a political agenda then there is nothing I can do about that, nor can the president.

Is Abercrombie suggesting the long-form, hospital-generated birth certificate for Barack Obama may not exist within the vital records maintained by the Hawaii Department of Health?  Is Abercrombie saying there is no Obama long-form birth document.

Why is Abercrombie talking about a hand-written document in "the State Archives?"  What about the long-form, vault copy birth certificate?

DR. Fukino said, "Therefore, I as Director of Health for the State of Hawai‘i, along with the Registrar of Vital Statistics who has statutory authority to oversee and maintain these type of vital records, have personally seen and verified that the Hawai‘i State Department of Health has Sen. Obama’s original birth certificate on record in accordance with state policies and procedures."

Dr. Fukino says the Department of Health has Obama's original birth certificate

Now, the new governor, and the only person on the planet to put Obama Sr. and Stanley Ann in the same room, says they found a "hand-written" document in "the State Archives?"

And why an investigation, Abercrombie?  What's to investigate?  Why not walk over to the Department of Health and ask for Obama's "original birth certificate?"  You're the governor!

After all, Dr. Fukino's said,"...the Hawai‘i State Department of Health has Sen. Obama’s original birth certificate on record in accordance with state policies and procedures."

We have three different Obama birth documents in the public domain now.  Abercrombie's "State Archive" artifact would be the fourth Obama birth document.

And none of them will be the standard Certificate Of Live Birth issued by the Hawaii State Department of Health, that the Department of health says they have, and is available for only $12.00.

"It has a political implication for 2012 that we simply cannot have."  Heh, heh, heh!  You bet it does, Neil, baby!
The Heat Is Now On Abercrombie
The Mail Online has another article about Abercrombie stepping into it by attacking Birthers, "Abercrombie claims a record of Obama's birth 'exists in archives' but can't produce the vital document."

Two days ago, we found out that Abercrombie conducted a search for Obama's bona fides, and couldn't seem to find Obama's long-form birth certificate -- the one Dr. Fukino has said was in the hands of the Hawaii Department of Health.  What his investigation has discovered, though, was an unspecified listing, or notation, of Obama's birth that someone had made in the state archives.  However, it is not a "birth certificate."  According to Abercrombie, it was "written down."

One more piece of evidence that Obama's Internet-posted documents are counterfeit.  Remember, the Certification Of Live Birth (COLB) is produced from data originating on a certified official, long form birth certificate, issued by an official or agency responsible for filing the birth with the Department of Health.  So what is the origin of the data on Obama's COLB -- the ones posted on the Daily Kos, Fight the Smears, and websites?  Crickets?.

Abercrombie was asked how his plan for releasing more information regarding Barack Obama's birth certificate is coming?

He acknowledged the birth certificate issue would have "political implications" for the next presidential election "that we simply cannot have."  According to Abercrombie, the "conspiracy theories" still thrive, and are likely to continue despite whatever evidence that shows him to be a proper U.S. citizen.  "Conspiratorial theorists are never going to be satisfied.  This has gone into another area of political attack."

Reasonable people wanting to know who Obama is, is not a political attack.  Obama's stonewalling IS a political tactic. 

He again promised he would do "what I can do" to publicly verify that records show Obama was born in Hawaii and is a citizen of the United States, making him eligible to be president.

And there's the spin -- citizenship.  Despite the wishes of the political Left, all citizens are not eligible -- only "natural born" citizens are eligible to serve as POTUS, and Barack Obama is simply not eligible because he was born a British subject and Kenyan citizen.

"We'll do what we can as quickly as we can to make it inevitable that only those who wish the president ill, only the ones with a political agenda, will be the ones doing this kind of thing," he said at the time.  "The President is entitled to the respect of his office and he's entitled to have his mother and father respected."

Don't you just love this crap!  "The President is entitled to the respect of his office and he's entitled to have his mother and father respected."

What respect?

Obama has usurped the Office of President.  He has hidden his entire life from the American People.  Daily, he violates his oath to "... faithfully execute the office of President of the United States ... and to ... preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States."

Obama Sr., alleged to be the father, was a 25-year old married man who was having relations with a 17-year old, Stanley Ann.  He was a serial bigamist.  He abandoned his wives and children.  He became a wife-beater and drunk.  His arrogance destroyed his government career.  He killed a man and lost both legs in alcohol-related accidents.  He eventually killed himself behind the wheel -- hammered!

Stanley Ann, she of the naked photos, was a gypsy who jumped into the sack with Obama Sr. (assuming he was the father) as soon as she met him -- and a "nice girl" just didn't have sex like that in 1960 -- and with a black African -- fahgettaboudit!  And there's no record of a marriage and according to Michelle Obama, Stanley Ann was "very young and very single" when she birthed Obama.

And Abercrombie wants to have Obama, his mother and alleged father respected.

Go roll another one governor.
Abercrombie Hides Behind Law
Mark Niesse says a privacy law that shields birth certificates has prompted Democratic Gov. Neil Abercrombie to abandon his efforts to dispel claims that Barack Obama was born outside Hawaii, his office says.

State Attorney General David Louie told the governor that privacy laws bar him from disclosing an individual's birth documentation without the person's consent, Abercrombie spokeswoman Donalyn Dela Cruz said Friday.

"There is nothing more that Gov. Abercrombie can do within the law to produce a document," said Dela Cruz. "Unfortunately, there are conspirators who will continue to question the citizenship of our president."

Abercrombie, who was a friend of Obama's parents and knew him as a child, launched an investigation last month into whether he can release more information about the president's Aug. 4, 1961 birth. The governor said at the time he was bothered by people who questioned Obama's birthplace for political reasons.

But Abercrombie's attempt reached a dead end when Louie told him the law restricted his options.

Hawaii's privacy laws have long barred the release of a certified birth certificate to anyone who doesn't have a tangible interest.

More here . . .

Abercrombie is on the spot because he volunteered to " what I can do" to publicly verify that records show Obama was born in Hawaii and is a citizen of the United States so it wouldn't be an issue in the 2012 election.

So Abercrombie launched an investigation to find and release Obama's birth certificate.

Problem was, he couldn't find a birth certificate.  However, he did find a handwritten note in the state archives describing the circumstances of the birth.

Obviously, Obama didn't give his consent, and now Abercrombie can't release the birth certificate that doesn't exist, because "privacy laws have long ... blah, blah, blah."

What happened to the tangible interest of the Governor of the State of Hawaii in dispelling the "conspirator's" claims?

Pretty weak, governor.  And you, Dela Cruz and the rest of the Democratic crooks in Hawaii are the conspirators, not a bunch of Americans who simply want to know who Obama is.
Too Late, Abercrombie
Dr. Kate says the cat is already out of the bag, so no amount of back-peddling by Governor Neil Abercrombie will do.  Obama is not an American citizen, he was not born in Hawaii, and there is no long-form birth certificate.  The Governor has committed perjury:

•  As a representative, Abercrombie was responsible for inserting language into appropriations bills that stated Obama was born in Hawaii,

•  As a representative, Abercrombie spoke at a fund-raiser for Kapiolani Hospital and read aloud a letter purportedly from the White House stating Obama was born at Kapiolani Hospital in Honolulu;

•  As newly elected Governor, Abercrombie stated "I’m one of the only ones who saw that baby in Hawaii,"

•  As Governor,stating that no long form birth certificate exists and then implying it does but he can’t release it due to state privacy laws and without the permission of Obama.

The Washington Post article reveals that this perjury has company: co-conspirators include the Obamas, the State of Hawaii, former Governor Lingle and DOH staffer Fukino, and the major media like the Post article linked here.  This reveals a two-year coordinated effort to conceal Obama’s prima facie evidence to ascertain whether he (a) was born in Hawaii, and (b) is an American.  This gigantic diversion was contrived to ignore Obama’s fundamental disability as to meeting the requirements of a natural born citizen: born in the USA of two US citizen parents.  This should be a RICO investigation.

Democratic Gov. Neil Abercrombie will end his quest to prove Barack Obama was born in Hawaii because it’s against state law to release private documents, his office said Friday.  State Attorney General David Louie told the governor he can’t disclose an individual’s birth documentation without a person’s consent, Abercrombie spokeswoman Donalyn Dela Cruz said.

First, let’s critically examine this statement.  Abercrombie certainly knew this before he opened his hairy mouth.  So he’s playing a game straight up.  This "fall back" was used to dishonestly imply that a private record -- like a vital record -- exists, but will remain hidden even if it doesn’t exist to keep the game going can’t be released.  The same old co-conspirators were brought in to verify what has been shown to be a complete fabrication, and the Post repeats the lie that Obama released a "certificate of live birth," instead of a forged certification of live birth released by his campaign-controlled spokespersons and lackeys.

It would seem clever to again focus the burden of proof on Obama, where it should be, but in the grander scheme, it is either a Clinton-wing NWO warning to Obama and/or a bribe.  Let’s see how much money the Native Hawaiians receive from the Obama administration, as well as individual state projects, and officials who should be in jail receiving appointments or able to "burrow" into federal agencies.

When dealing with the Alinsky-trained anti-Americans, Obama tactics call for naming your opponents what you yourself actually are.  Look who are called the "conspirators" -- a markedly escalated version of "conspiracy theorists."  This is subtle shift in the term and language is not a coincidence:

"There is nothing more that Gov. Abercrombie can do within the law to produce a document," said Dela Cruz.  "Unfortunately, there are conspirators who will continue to question the citizenship of our president."

The idea is to name Constitutionalists as "conspirators," elevating the perceived threat they hope the public will feel from us regular citizens Americans.

Notice also the use of the term citizenship versus "natural born" citizenship.  The term "citizenship" has always been used to dumb down "natural born" citizenship, and it is clearly not the same thing despite the eligibility flat-earthers and communists by proxy.

Obama made his own bed -- actually he had plenty of clever and illegal assistance -- lying about his life and parents.  It was Bill Ayers being too smart for his own britches making up a story, and now whatever the truth really is, Obama has to live stand down with the fact he is not eligible for the office he occupies.

Every single bit of NWO assistance he has received to deceive the American public about the requirements for the presidency has failed.  They now feel the need to desperately escalate the attacks on and diversions from any truth regarding Obama’s raw ineligibility.

The jig is up.  Obama is a poor and unconstitutional tool and he’s been found out.  Frankly, they all have been found out.
There Is No Birth Certificate

Mike Evans, of Hollywood Reporter, has been a friend of Gov. Abercrombie's for "decades."  Evans spoke to him yesterday. 

"Neil and I spent a lot of time together during Obama's Inauguration.  He promised me that he when he became Governor, he was going to cut thru all the BS and find absolute proof that "Barry" was born in Hawaii.  Well, I spoke to him yesterday and Abercrombie told me he "searched everywhere using his powers as governor, and... There is NO Barack Obama Birth Certificate in Hawaii ... absolutely no proof at all that Obama was born in Hawaii."

I Misspoke
Jana Winter says a celebrity journalist now claims he misspoke when he said last week that Hawaii’s governor told him he was unable to find Barack Obama’s original birth certificate after a search of state and hospital archives.

Mike Evans told on Wednesday he was remorseful and embarrassed that he appeared to have given the impression that he had discussed the search for Obama’s birth certificate with Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie.

Evans, who says he has been a close friend of Abercrombie since the 1980s, appeared on Minnesota’s KQRS radio last week and said he'd been told by the governor himself that Obama’s birth certificate was nowhere to be found.  Evans told KQRS on Jan. 20:

"Yesterday, talking to Neil's office, Neil says that he searched everywhere using his powers as governor ..... there is no Barack Obama birth certificate in Hawaii. Absolutely no proof at all that he was born in Hawaii."

But that’s no longer Evans' story.

Last week's radio interview was part of Evans' syndicated five-minute feature, "On the Road with Mike Evans," which is broadcast on 34 stations across the country each morning.

On the morning of Jan. 20, Evans says he accidentally told one of those radio stations -- KQRS -- that he’d spoken directly with Gov. Abercrombie about the Obama birth certificate.

"I was on 34 radio stations that morning.  That was the only station where I said, instead of saying 'the hospital said there’s no birth certificate,' I misspoke and said Neil said that," Evans said.  "I misspoke and I apologize for that.  I apologize to Neil."

Sounds like Evans received a phone call.

Evans didn't misspeak.  If he misspoke, he repeatedly misspoke.  He goes on for almost 5 minutes talking about Obama's missing records and questionable citizenship.

This is always the way with Obama revelations.  Whenever another contradiction to the Obama story surfaces, it's a matter of days until a cover story is released along with a statement that the original speaker "misspoke" -- the reporter got it wrong -- somebody misremembered.

It's been that way for 3 years.

You know the rules.  Mustn't embarrass Obama.
Abercrombie 86's Nominee
Gov. Neil Abercrombie's office said he asked Dr. Chiyome Fukino's replacement, Dr. Neal Palafox to withdraw his nomination to lead the state Department of Health, contradicting his administration's previous claim that Palafox withdrew himself.

Abercrombie spokeswoman Donalyn Dela Cruz confirmed it was the governor and not Palafox who asked (demanded?) for the withdrawal.

Dela Cruz declined to discuss the reason for Palafox's abrupt departure, and Palafox has said he doesn't know what led to his Wednesday dismissal after a month as interim Health Department director.

Palafox, 58, has said he was surprised when he heard TV news reports citing anonymous sources claiming he was under investigation for medical billing fraud, and referred questions to his attorney, Brook Hart.

''He did not volunteer it on his own.  He had no idea why the governor asked him to resign.  But he did because the governor asked him to do so,'' Hart said.  ''He has no information at this point why there's an investigation, what the investigation is about or even a hint about what it is that somebody is claiming he did wrong.''

The attorney general's office has declined comment on whether it's investigating Palafox.

More puzzles from paradise.
More Prevaricating From Abercrombie
Jack Cashill has found a video, recorded on January 21, 2009, the day after Obama was inaugurated, talk radio host Mike Evans interviewed then Congressman Neil Abercrombie on his relationships with the Barack Obamas, senior and junior.

During this little-seen, congenial, 7-minute interview on C-SPAN, a relaxed Abercrombie reminisced about his own arrival in Hawaii in 1959 and his acquaintance with Barack Obama Sr., whom he described in glowing terms.

When the subject turned to Obama, Evans asked, "Do you remember him growing up."

"I remember him as a little boy with his grandfather," Abercrombie answered, "because his mother and father separated." Abercrombie elaborated that "little Barry" went everywhere with his grandfather, Stanley Dunham, and one could not help but to run into them.

The reader may recall that just before Christmas Abercrombie told the Los Angeles Times, "Maybe I'm the only one in the country that could look you right in the eye right now and tell you, 'I was here when that baby was born.'"

A few days later, Abercrombie clarified to Mark Niesse of the Associated Press that he didn't exactly see Obama's parents with their newborn son at the hospital, but that he "remembers seeing Obama as a child with his parents at social events."  In fact, however, Abercrombie never saw young Barry with his parents at all.

In his effort to embarrass those who would like to see Obama's birth certificate, it seems that Abercrombie has been serially fabricating a family that never existed and embellishing his own relation to it.

Curious, too, is that in his 2009 interview with Evans, one in which he describes Obama Sr. in great detail, Abercrombie has not a word to say about Ann Dunham or the Obamas as a couple.

No, Virginia, Abercrombie is not screwing with the "Birthers."  He is simply screwing up.

Regarding the, "Abercrombie on his relationships with the Barack Obamas, senior and junior," statement.

There is no "Barack Obamas, senior and junior."  The Kenyan was named "Barak Hussein Obama."  The usurper is named "Barack Hussein Obama II.

The people who Photoshopped the usurper's Certification of Live Birth didn't do their homework, and now the world spells the alleged father's name incorrectly.
Lost In Translation
Check out this previously overlooked, but shocking tidbit -- when Hawaiian governor Abercrombie went on his quest to find Obama's  birth certificate, he used a "search warrant."

Hollywood Reporter and friend of Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie, Mike Evans, in this audio, stated that Governor Abercrombie used a search warrant to try and acquire Obama's birth certificate at the hospitals in Hawaii.

Check out this exchange:

Evans:  Yesterday I talked to Neil.  Said that he searched everywhere using all of his power as governor, looking at Kapiolani Women and Children’s Hospital and Queens Medical Center, where children were born back in that day.  And he (Abercrombie) said, "Mike, there is no Barack Obama birth certificate."

Announcer:  He’s a foreigner!  We knew it from the start!

Announcer #2:  Well, I thought, I thought the holder of the certificate said it was locked up and she had seen it.

Evans:  Well, the governor demanded to see it, went to the hospital, sent all of his people, with a search warrant, and he could not get it.  Uh, there, he’s really good friends to the President but he says, he thinks this could cause some problems during re-election

A search warrant is a court order issued by a judge or magistrate judge that authorizes law enforcement officers to conduct a search of a person or location for evidence of a crime and to confiscate evidence if it is found.
Abercrombie's "Investigation"
Abercrombie said to a reporter that an "investigation" had shown that there was actually something written down in the State Archive.  The State Archive would be the last place to look, since the only thing it would have -- according to the Vital Records Office/HDoH retention schedule -- is 75-year-old COHB’s and registrations of foreign birth.  If the "investigation" led to the Archives you can bet your bottom dollar that it did so because there was nothing in the HDoH office nor the hospitals.  So Abercrombie as good as stated HIMSELF publicly that there was no birth certificate for Obama.

The Hawaii legislature as much as confirmed that also by introducing a bill allowing them to make up their own record of birth for Obama, without having to follow the rules for vital records and putting a STATE seal on it rather than the HDOH seal that is for legitimate vital records.  So much for due process.  That’s basically saying out loud and proud that Obama doesn’t have to follow the same laws as the rest of us peons; he can be certified by the state with no evidence whatsoever.  The ONLY reason for a bill like that is if the legislators know there are no records for Obama, because current Hawaii law ALREADY requires the disclosure of whatever Fukino was looking at when she came up with her 2 public statements regarding Obama’s records there.

Butterdezillion says the whole subject of Abercrombie’s statement/actions is surrounded by people lying/changing their stories: the AG saying they can’t release Obama’s records when it’s actually required, HDoH Director Palafox being said to be investigated for Medicare fraud when he wasn’t told he was under investigation, Abercrombie’s office saying he didn’t ask Palafox to resign and then later admitting that they had, and Janice Okubo claiming Palafox quit for personal reasons when Palafox was saying he had no idea why he was resigning.  I bet Palafox has a very special understanding of why Mike Evans changed his tune.  I’d sure like to hear Janice Okubo explain why she said Palafox resigned for personal reasons when Palafox wasn’t saying that at all.
Hope 'N' Change

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