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Aloha Beckwith

Iíve been following all the brouhaha over Obamaís birth issues for some time now, have added a few points that werenít well taken and have been reluctant to continue as actively as others have since itís turned into a confused bunch of theories.

I know of only two individuals who attended Punahou at the same time young Barry did; one was older and one was younger.  The senior only remembers him as the Popolo kid (one of two) and the younger one remembers him the same.....but, along with his buddy Keith Kakugawa, as the campus drug dealers.  Everyone else has no recollection of him other than the highly unreliable Congressman Neil Abercrombie.  Neil was a teaching assistant and later an associate professor at the University of Hawaii at the time I attended school there.  He was a Viet Nam war protestor, and so far left to be sinister in the negative sense of the word.

Consider this carefully so youíll understand the situation in post WWII Hawaii Territory and itís quest for statehood.

In the post-war period, Hawaiiís population was around 500,000, many were foreign nationals brought in to work the plantations, both sugar and pineapple.  They came from China, Japan, Scotland and Portugal in the first waves during the twenties and thirties, later Puerto Ricans and Filipinos during the post war period.  The magic population number of "eligible" citizens for a territory have in order to petition for statehood was 600,000, so Hawaii issued official Certificates of Live Birth to children of migrant plantation workers who were reunited with the working parent when it was possible to bring them here.

The territorial citizen population of Hawaii grew 20% in in 10 years, even though the children who were reunited were foreign born.  All it took was a piece of paper to work it, and once started it continued until the early seventies.  Census counts mean federal dollars.

It was a political system to pump up the population numbers that gave others (i.e. Madelyn Dunham and her wayward daughter) the way to register the birth of a little "surprise" with some legitimacy and without probing questions.....at least from the state registrar.

Hospitals and clinics.

At the time Kapiolani Clinic for Women and Children was just that, a clinic.  Its services were daily, its hours were normal business hours but they probably had a night time staff to receive, advise or shuttle patients off to Queenís Hospital just a few blocks away.  But it wasnít a hospital in the 60s.  Kapiolani Hospital wasnít built until the early to mid 70s.  Itís possible to deliver a child at a clinic just as itís possible to deliver a child in the back of a taxi but both the clinician and the taxi driver would make an effort to get the mother to be to a maternity ward at a hospital.

Birth Certificates.

I have mine, issued by the hospital where I was born and registered in the state where I was born.  I have my sonís also issued by the hospital where he was born and registered in the State of Hawaii.  Both contain the same information; Date, time, attending physician (signature), mother (address, occupation, age and signature), father (address, occupation, age and signature ).  I was born at a Naval Hospital in California and he was born here.  The point is that it is the hospital that is the originator of the Birth Certificate and not the state registrar, something that is often missed by many.

It really doesnít matter if his grandmother took her ripe and ready daughter to the Kapiolani Clinic during business hours or in the middle of the night, they would have transferred her to the nearest hospital with a obstetrics/maternity facility.  If he was a home birth, your guess is good as mine as to the time of birth and even the date of birth.  Since no hospital admits that Obama was born at their facility, it could have been a home birth, a foreign birth (a straggler), or the name of the kid was simply "Baby" Dunham, which is a whole new ballgame.

Enough of the long winded stuff.....chances are slim weíll know for sure but one thing is sure .....he ainít from here, other than on some computer generated copy able form.


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