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Palin:  Obama Birth Certificate Is A Fair Question

Politico is reporting the following exchange between Sarah Palin and conservative talker Rusty Humphries.

Humphries:  "Would you make the birth certificate an issue if you ran?"  (around 9 minutes into this video).

Palin:  "I think the public rightfully is still making it an issue.  I don't have a problem with that.  I don't know if I would have to bother to make it an issue, because I think that members of the electorate still want answers," she replied.

Humphries:  "Do you think it's a fair question to be looking at?"

Palin:  "I think it's a fair question, just like I think past association and past voting records -- all of that is fair game," Palin said.  "The McCain-Palin campaign didn't do a good enough job in that area."

Palin suggested that the questions were fair play because of "the weird conspiracy theory freaky thing that people talk about that Trig isn't my real son -- 'You need to produce his birth certificate, you need to prove that he's your kid,' which we have done."

"Maybe we can reverse that," she said, returning to Obama's birth certificate, describing the type of thinking involved with a word that isn't clear in the audio.

The Politico article also contains an observation that McCain's campaign counsel has said the campaign did look into the birth certificate question and, like every other serious examination, dismissed it.

Well, of course they did.

John Sidney McCain III was born at the Colon Hospital, located at Avenida Melendez and 2nd Street, Manzanillo Island, City of Colon, Republic of Panama.  The time of birth on the birth certificate issued by Panama Railroad Company (which owned the Colon Hospital) was 5:25 PM and the day and date of birth was Saturday, August 29, 1936 -- John McCain was born outside the United States and fails to meet the test of
Jus Soli

McCain was also
ineligible, and as such could not attack Obama's eligibility. McCain's political enemies even provided him with  cover -- further compromising his ability to challenge Obama's eligibility.  He, and his campaign, couldn't say a word.

Obama is a co-signer of Leahy's resolution, and in doing so admitted that one needs two American citizen parents to be eligible for POTUS.  Obama knows he is ineligible to be CiC.

It was John McCain who set the stage for what has become the biggest political cover-up in American history.

:  The eligibility question has gone mainstream -- is running a story entitled, "Palin defends Obama birth certificate inquiries."
Rep. Deal Wants Obama’s Birth Certificate
Georgia's Republican gubernatorial candidate and U.S. Rep. Nathan Deal says he wants Obama to prove he is an American citizen.

Deal says he has "no reason to think" that Barack Obama is not a legal U.S. citizen but enough questions have been raised that he plans to write a letter to Obama asking him to produce a birth certificate showing he was born in the United States.

"I have looked at the documentation that is publicly available and it leaves many things to be desired," Deal said in an interview Friday.

Deal's statement came a day after he noted in an online chat that he would join other U.S. House members in writing Obama and asking that he release a copy of his birth certificate.

Friday, Deal indicated his change of heart was the result of continued questions about Obama's citizenship.  He stopped short of saying he was a proponent of the so-called "Birthers" movement that has questioned the legitimacy of Obama's citizenship.

A spokeswoman for Obama said the White House had no comment on Deal's statements other than what it has said in the past when refuting claims questioning Obama's citizenship.

In June 2008, Obama's campaign office released a digitally scanned image of his birth certificate -- a "Certification of Live Birth" -- that shows he was born in Honolulu, Hawaii on Aug. 4, 1961.  Government officials in Hawaii have verified that the document is official (no, they haven't), as have several news organizations (the ObamaMedia doesn't count).

Yet Deal and others say they still have doubts.

"What I have seen -- and I think it is the only thing that has been put out -- is a certification of live birth, and it just does not contain the type of information that most state birth certificates would contain," Deal said.  "It obviously does not have the signature of a doctor.  Most birth certificates or even certificates of live birth have those kinds of verifications."

Same old samo!  Obama's defenders, in and out of government, blur the issue by arguing that Obama is a citizen -- that's not what the eligibility discussion is about.

If Obama was born in Hawaii, he is undoubtedly an "native born" American citizen -- a description of Obama provided by his own propaganda website, "Fight the Smears."  Obama's supporters KNOW the guy isn't a "natural born" American citizen as
required by Article II, Section 1, Clause 5 of the U. S. Constitution -- they KNOW he is ineligible to hold the office of POTUS, and they began their cover-up shortly after Obama’s 2004 election win.

Obama, himself, admits to being a citizen of Kenya and a British subject "at birth" -- just cursor down the "Fight the Smears" page (above link).

"When Barack Obama Jr. was born on Aug. 4,1961, in Honolulu, Kenya was a British colony, still part of the United Kingdom’s dwindling empire.  As a Kenyan native, Barack Obama Sr. was a British subject whose citizenship status was governed by The British Nationality Act of 1948.  That same act governed the status of Obama Sr.‘s children.

Since Sen. Obama has neither renounced his U.S. citizenship nor sworn an oath of allegiance to Kenya, his Kenyan citizenship automatically expired on Aug. 4,1982."

Here is an image that clearly illustrates the Article II requirement that even Obots should understand -- dad's an American citizen  -- mom's an American citizen -- native born or naturalized -- their child, born
IN the United States of America, is a "natural born" American citizen, and eligible to serve as POTUS -- Obama's dad was a Kenyan -- get it?

click for larger image
As more and more people come to understand Obama's far-left agenda and mysterious background, they question his eligibility.  The "fringe" is now composed of a huge segment of the American population -- and it is growing.

An October 23rd item reported that three-in-ten Americans think their current head of state was not born in the United States, according to a poll by Angus Reid Strategies.  70 per cent of respondents believe Barack Obama was born in the U.S., while 30 per cent do not.

Now, Goddard's Political Wire
points to a new Public Policy Polling survey in Arkansas shows that only 45% of voters in the state say they believe Obama was born in this country, while 31% say they think he was not and 24% are unsure.

"Arkansas is the first of four states where we've polled the birther issue (Virginia, North Carolina, and Colorado were the others) and found less than half of respondents confident that Obama is a natural born citizen.  The numbers are particularly dramatic among Republicans with 49% saying Obama was not born here to just 23% who grant that he was."

Tennessee State Senate Speaker Ron Ramsey

Chelsea Schilling is reporting that the list of lawmakers and talkers questioning the eligibility of Barack Obama is growing.

Tennessee state Senate speaker and gubernatorial candidate Ron Ramsey has joined the growing ranks of officials and prominent commentators who say they are unsure of whether Barack Obama is a U.S. citizen.

Ramsey was asked Feb. 2 about the issue by Maclin Davis, a former state lawmaker and attorney for the state GOP.

"I don't know whether President Obama is a citizen of the United States or not," Ramsey responded.  "I don't know what the whole deal is there."

"But I'm going to tell you something," he said.  "When you walk out on the street down here, people don't really care about this issue.  "When we get off on sidelines like that, that's when people say 'aw,' they close their ears and don't listen," Ramsey said.  "I'm not saying you're not right, Mac, I'm not saying you're not right -- but that's not how you win elections."

According to the report, Ramsey acknowledged that he might be causing some apprehension among his political staff for even addressing the eligibility issue.  "I've got a table full of advisers sitting over there, and they'll probably start cringing right about now when I start talking about some of this stuff," he said.
Two things:

1.  The issue isn't about whether Obama is a citizen, or not.  The issue is whether Barack Obama meets the "natural born" requirement of Article 2, Section I, Clause 5 of the Constitution of the United States of America -- here is some background info.

2.  Ramsey is just plain wrong when he says, "people don't really care about this issue."  Check out the numbers on
this page.
We've Elected A Marxist
U.S. Rep. Paul Broun attacked President-elect Barack Obama's agenda as Marxist, saying, "In my opinion, we've elected a Marxist to be president of the United States."

The Republican congressman from Georgia warned that Obama might be planning to form a Brownshirts-like security force so he can rule as a dictator.

The two-term congressman cited a July speech in which Obama called for a civilian force to take some of the national security burden off the military.

Broun said he was not fear-mongering but wants to warn people that the nation could be going down that path.

His comments came in a Monday telephone interview with The Associated Press after he called Obama a Marxist at a Rotary Club meeting in his district over the weekend.

Well, here's the video of Obama's July speech and here's the cadre program behind Obama's private army.  You can decide for yourself whether this guy is a nut, or on to something.
Congressional Candidate Takes On Eligibility
Chelsea Schilling is reporting that just as the tea-party convention crowd gathered to discuss strategy for the movement, one woman stepped forward to the microphone -- holding up two Hawaiian long-form birth certificates and a copy of Obama's purported short-form certification of live birth -- and, raising the short form, she told the crowd, "This piece of junk is what you get when you don't have one of these!" -- waving the real birth certificates.

The crowd went wild, clapping and cheering, and when the forum was over, tea partiers scrambled around a table to see and photograph her original documents.

The woman, Miki Booth, originally from Hawaii, is running for the U.S. House of Representatives in Oklahoma's second district as an independent constitutional conservative.  She had presented original long-form birth certificates belonging to her son and husband, dated 1981 and 1949.

Her husband, Fred, and son, Alan, were born at the Kapi'olani Medical Center for Women and Children in Honolulu, Hawaii -- the same hospital declared as Obama's birthplace in this letter.

"If he is going to claim he was born in Kapi'olani like my husband and my son, then I want him to show proof," Booth said, explaining that a certification of live birth only shows that a live baby was born -- and not necessarily in Hawaii.

"What he's given us perpetuates the mystery of what he's covering up and gives us more reason to not trust him," she said.

How can Ms. Booth be so cynical as to not trust our guy?  Could it be that Obama himself has previously claimed to have been born at Queen's Medical Center in Honolulu, a claim backed up by his sister Maya.

Either way, neither hospital has a -- "This is the birthplace of the 44th President of the United States" --  plaque in their lobby
Arizonans Want To Verify Citizenship Of Candidates
The AP is reporting that nearly half of the Arizona Legislature wants to force Barack Obama to show his birth certificate to state officials if he runs for re-election.

A state House committee on Tuesday approved the measure sponsored by 40 of the state's 90 legislators.  It would require presidential candidates who want to appear on the ballot in Arizona to submit documents proving they meet the requirements to be president.

All 40 co-sponsors are Republicans, comprising 75 percent of the GOP caucus.  Two of them have since resigned to run for Congress.

The idea was proposed by Skull Valley Republican Rep. Judy Burges.  She says if people have to prove their citizenship to apply for a job or get a passport, they should have to prove it to run for president.

What a concept, "if people have to prove their citizenship to apply for a job or get a passport, they should have to prove it to run for president."

However, I wish these folks would focus on eligibility, rather than citizenship.  They are two different things.

There are millions of people who are 100% American citizens that are ineligible to serve as Commander-in-Chief.

For example, Arizona senator,
John McCain.

UpdateThe House Government Committee voted Tuesday to require presidential contenders to prove to Arizona's secretary of state they're "natural born" citizens to get their names on the ballot.


The 6-1 vote came on the proposal by Rep. Judy Burges, R-Skull Valley, who said it's only fair to require those who want to lead our country prove they meet the standards of the U.S. Constitution.  She said that, at the very least, it means producing a birth certificate.

Then Ya Got Somethin' To Hide
In this video, Champaign IL Mayor Schweighart says Obama is not an American citizen.

This was video was made on April 15, 2010, in West Side Park in Champaign, IL. Mayor Jerry Schweighart claims Obama is not an American citizen.

Once again we see someone, in this case the mayor, confusing the issues of citizenship and eligibility.  Obama is a citizen.  Don't go there.  However, Obama is does not meet the Article II "natural born" Citizen requirement.

Eligibility and citizenship are two different issues:

Citizenship -- two classes of citizen -- "native born" or "naturalized" -- statutory citizens -- a statute, a law, defines their citizenship.

Eligibility -- only one class -- "natural born" -- two American citizen parents and born in the US of A -- no law defines status -- no law required for status.
Obama's Citizenship May Be Scam
David Weigel says Chris Nelson, who's retiring after two terms as South Dakota's secretary of state to challenge Rep. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin (D-S.D.), was asked by Kevin Woster whether he believes Obama is a citizen of the United States. Nelson doesn't know.

[M]eeting the constitutional qualifications to be President is a very important issue.  If President Obama isn’t constitutionally qualified, it would be the biggest scam ever perpetuated on the American people.  MANY people contacted me as Secretary of State prior to and after the election asking how Obama could be on our ballot given this controversy.  Absent a court finding that he isn’t a natural born citizen, we have to take the certification from the National Democratic Convention at face value.

Of course, most people have taken "at face value" Obama's certification of live birth from Hawaii, released by the campaign in 2008, as proof of where he was born.  Interestingly, Nelson's less-well-established primary challengers don't take the bait, and blow off the question.

Again, the writer, Woster, incorrectly frames the issue as one of citizenship.  It's not.  It's about eligibility.

And it's interesting that Nelson refers to the certification from the National Democratic Convention.

The Democratic National Committee, the Chair of the Party convention, the Secretary of the Party, Party offices in each of fifty states, and maybe many, many more, have knowingly and wantonly defrauded the American election system and more than 300 million American citizens.


It appears that they have filed a fraudulent "Official Certification of Nomination" for Barack Obama and Joe Biden in all 50 states -- they knew Obama was ineligible.

Here is the
proper document -- "THIS IS TO CERTIFY that at the National Convention of the Democrat Party of the United States of America, held in Denver, Colorado on August 25 though 28, 2008, the following were duly nominated as candidates of said Party for President and Vice President of the United States respectively and that the following candidates for President and Vice President of the United States are legally qualified to serve under the provisions of the United States Constitution."

Here is the
similar document that the DNC distributed to the states -- "THIS IS TO CERTIFY that at the National Convention of the Democrat Party of the United States of America, held in Denver, Colorado on August 25 though 28, 2008, the following were duly nominated as candidates of said Party for President and Vice President of the United States respectively."


Notice that the document released to the states omits the eligibility language.

•  The DNC drafted, signed and notarized TWO slightly different versions of their Official Certification of Nomination documents, not one.

•  One of those documents had complete legal language, and one of them was missing the text concerning the constitutional eligibility of Barack Hussein Obama.

•  The version which is absent any certification of constitutional standing for the office of President is the version that was filed with every state in the country, and the one used by the DNC to elect Barack Obama President."

The same three people signed two certified forms, one for official submission and one for publication.  This means they knew Obama was ineligible from day one.

Senate-Seeker Wants Obama Birth-Certificate Treatment
Chelsea Schilling says a Mexican-born candidate for U.S. Senate said he is considering a lawsuit against the Missouri secretary of state for discrimination because her office forced him to produce a birth certificate but "didn't make Obama show proof of citizenship" to appear on the ballot.

Hector Maldonado, 38, a self-described "Linconian Republican conservative," is seeking the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate in Missouri.  He was born one of 10 children in Durango, Mexico.  His father is a migrant field worker who owns a small hog ranch in Perris, Calif.

During the following July 5 interview (video) with Karen Berka of Branson Radio Live posted on YouTube, Maldonado explains why he thinks his rights were violated when the secretary of state's office asked for proof of U.S. citizenship when he filed to run for the Senate.

Maldonado, a U.S. Army combat veteran who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, explains on his website that he became a U.S. citizen in 1995.  But he said Secretary of State Robin Carnahan sent him a letter in May asking him to produce documentation.  "It said, 'Hey, you have to prove you're a citizen.'  I ignored it," he said.  "You know, Obama ignored it, so I figured I could get away with it, too."

The audience began laughing, applauding and cheering during his statement.

Maldonado continued, "But it's not that simple.  I didn't get away with it.  I got a certified letter from Ms. Robin Carnahan's office saying that if I did not prove that I was a U.S. citizen, then I would be removed from the ballot."  He claims Carnahan's office gave him a deadline of May 12.

"I got all my documents together: my birth certificate, which is a Mexican birth certificate; my naturalization certificate; my orders sending me to Iraq and Afghanistan; my bronze-star citations and a couple of officer evaluations that say I'm a pretty good and effective leader," he said.  "So I brought all this documentation, and they were only interested in the naturalization certificate.  They made a photocopy of it."

Maldonado said he asked Carnahan's office if his citizenship documentation would be public record and available to anyone who wants a copy.  "They said, oh yes, absolutely, anyone that wants proof, we have it," he explained.  "I said, OK, can you do me a favor then?  I'm sure Ms. Carnahan requested the same of Barack Obama when he petitioned to get on the Missouri ballot to become president."

He added, "They had no response. They had nothing."

Maldonado said he thought about picketing during Obama's visit to Missouri today to raise money for Carnahan's U.S. Senate campaign. Obama arrived in Kansas City this morning to make appearances at two fundraising events for Carnahan.  Missouri's primary election will take place on Aug. 3.

"But I decided something different.  I'm actually considering suing Ms. Robin Carnahan because she discriminated against me," he said.  "She has said that her job is to protect Missouri from fraud and corruption.  But the fraud that she created if she did not make Obama show proof of citizenship when he petitioned to get on the Missouri ballot … all the votes that he got should be taken back."

He said he hopes citizens of other states sue their own secretaries of state if they cannot show they requested proper documentation from Obama before allowing him to appear on the state ballot.

"Sooner or later, he's going to have to prove -- based on our demand -- that he is in fact a U.S.-born citizen," he said.

I wish these guys would focus on "eligibility" and not "citizenship" -- but this part needs to be read again:

Maldonado said he asked Carnahan's office if his citizenship documentation would be public record and available to anyone who wants a copy.  "They said, oh yes, absolutely, anyone that wants proof, we have it," he explained.  "I said, OK, can you do me a favor then?  I'm sure Ms. Carnahan requested the same of Barack Obama when he petitioned to get on the Missouri ballot to become president."

He added, "They had no response.  They had nothing."


Obama Is Country's Greatest Threat
Shane D'Aprile says that former Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-Colo.), speaking at a campaign rally Thursday for Colorado Senate candidate Ken Buck, called Barack Obama the greatest threat facing America today.

After recalling the nuclear threat from the former Soviet Union, Tancredo said, "We had that threat and we survived it.  Later we found out we had another threat to our way of life and that was al-Qaeda.  We found that out on 9/11."

Tancredo continued, "But I firmly believe this -- it's not just, you know, sort of a dramatic statement that a person would make to get press or something, or ink.  I believe this with all my heart.  The greatest threat to the United States today, the greatest threat to our liberty, the greatest threat to the Constitution of the United States, the greatest threat to our way of life, everything we believe in, the greatest threat to the country that was put together by the founding fathers is the guy that is in the White House today."
Senator:  Resolve Eligibility In Court
WorldNetDaily is reporting a Republican senator from Louisiana, David Vitter, is suggesting the dispute over Barack Obama's eligibility to be president be resolved in court.

"I support conservative legal organizations and others who would bring that to court," the Associated Press reported a video of the event revealed him saying.

Vitter becomes just the latest high-profile leader, and the first U.S. senator, to take such a strong stand on the issue.

It's also significant that the AP, which has stated publicly that the president's "birth certificate" has been made public even though the image of the document posted online actually is a "certification of live birth," which under Hawaiian procedures was available to those not born in the state, reported on Vitter's comments.

Vitter was responding to a constituent who on Sunday at a town hall meeting in Metairie, La., asked about Obama's "refusal to produce a birth certificate."

The AP reported the crowd applauded the question, and Vitter said he doesn't have personal "standing" for litigation, but he said he supports those groups that are bringing the question to court.

"I think that is the valid and most possibly effective grounds to do it," he said.  "First and foremost" Americans need to "fight the Obama agenda at the ballot box starting this fall."

Vitter said the matters of the nation are too important to be diverted by distractions.

He's just the latest leader to raise such questions.  Others include: U.S. Rep. Steve King, U.S. Rep. Bob Inglis, R-SC and others, listed here . . .

Re: The AP's assertion, "...the president's 'birth certificate' has been made public ...," is false.  The AP knows the statement is false.  It is pure propaganda.  It's the world's largest news service spreading Obama's "Big Lie" when they know it's a lie.

Obama's "birth certificate" has NEVER, EVER been made public.  In fact, Obama has spent more than $2 million to prevent his birth certificate from being made public.
Senate Candidate Forced To Prove His Citizenship
Family Security Matters says adding to the long-running Obama eligibility dispute, Army veteran and naturalized American Hector Maldonado, recently pointed out in a Branson, MO radio interview that the State of Missouri demanded he prove his citizenship status in order to be permitted to run for Senate from the "Show Me" state.  Maldonado was asked by the Office of the Missouri Secretary of State to prove his citizenship status and was threatened via certified letter with being removed from the ballot if he did not comply by a deadline of May 12.  On the Missouri Secretary of State's website, the qualifications to run for U.S. Senate are cited:

U. S. Senator -- Art. I § 3 U. S. Constitution

 At least 30 years of age
 Citizen of United States for 9 years
 Resident of Missouri

In responding to Missouri's demand, Maldonado questioned whether the state similarly asked candidate Barack Obama for proof of citizenship when he filed to run in Missouri in the 2008 electoral cycle.  According to Maldonado, the Secretary of State's office declined to answer this question although it told him that his own proof of citizenship was a matter of public record (so presumably the lack of any Obama proof of citizenship is also a matter of public record).  Maldonado is mulling a possible lawsuit against the State since the Secretary of State is required to protect Missouri against fraud and corruption.

Maldonado, who became a naturalized U.S. citizen in 1995 and was awarded two Bronze Stars from his Iraq and Afghanistan deployments, noted Michelle Obama's "slip of the tongue" comment when she mentioned Obama's home country Kenya (a comment widely circulated in a YouTube video), but said that it wasn't up to him to decide whether Obama was lying or not-- or whether there were "holes in his birth story."  The Army veteran discussed Obama's expending as much as one million or more dollars to hire lawyers to conceal his citizenship-related records.  He also raised the subject of why anyone running for public office believes he is entitled to this level of secrecy -- especially since it is impossible to determine whether Obama conforms to requirements of the U.S. Constitution's Article II, Section 1, unless he can produce an original birth certificate.
An "Identity Theft" Issue reports that former Rep. J.D. Hayworth, who on Monday officially entered Arizona's Republican race against Sen. John McCain, defended his recent call for Barack Obama to produce his birth certificate, suggesting his questions stem not from conspiracy theories that Obama was really born in Kenya but from concerns about identity theft.

During a Monday evening interview on CNN (watch it here), Hayworth pointed to the case of fugitive Vietnam War protester Howard Mechanic, who in 2000 sought a seat on the Scottsdale City Council using the alias "Gary Tredway."  After he was exposed, Mechanic eventually received a pardon from President Bill Clinton.

"All I'm saying is, for every race across the country, especially with identity theft in the news, it would be great that people can confirm who they say they are," Hayworth said.

"Identity theft?  I mean, come on," an incredulous CNN host Campbell Brown said, laughing.  "Is that honestly what this is about?"

Brown pressed Hayworth as to whether he was "comfortable with the fact that (Obama is) an American citizen."  The Constitution requires that the president be a natural-born citizen, which is widely viewed as meaning he must be born in the United States.  Obama was born Aug. 4, 1961, in Hawaii.  During the presidential race, Obama's campaign produced the Hawaii-issued short-form birth certificate, but fringe Obama critics, dubbed "birthers," continue to demand to see his long-form birth certificate.

"Barack Obama is the president of the United States.  He is our 44th president," Hayworth told Brown.  "I have no qualms about who he is, or who he says he is."

But in a Jan. 26 interview on MSNBC's "Hardball with Chris Matthews," Hayworth said Obama "should come forward with the information, that’s all."

"Well, gosh, we all had to bring our birth certificates to show we were who we said we were, and we were the age we said we were, to play football and youth sports," Hayworth said.  "Shouldn't we know exactly that anyone who wants to run for public office is a natural-born citizen of the United States and is who they say they are?"

I have a few words about this -- next item . . .
Democrat Whip Says GOP Majority Will Issue Birther Subpoenas
Jordan Fabian says House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-S.C.) warned Republicans will investigate Obama's birthplace if they take over Congress.

Clyburn, the third-ranking Democrat in the House, said Republicans will grind the government to a halt by issuing subpoenas against the Obama administration over a number of issues if they take power.  He predicted that "gridlock" in Congress would "define" Obama's first term if Republicans win the House, but expressed confidence his party would prevail.  Clyburn noted that Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.), the ranking Republican on the House Oversight panel, has said will will issue "subpoenas everywhere" if Republicans win the majority.  "The White House will be full-time responding to subpoenas about where the president may or may not have been born, whether his mother and father were ever married, and whether his wife's family is from Georgetown or Sampit," Clyburn said in an interview published Monday on, an African-American news website.  "That will define the next two years of the president's administration.

Issa has promised to ramp up his probes into the Obama administration, but his spokesman said he would not pursue the "birther" controversy, and that the congressman has not spoken about the issue.

"The Democratic Caucus doesn’t take Jim Clyburn seriously -- Americans shouldn’t take his ridiculous claims seriously either," said Issa spokesman Kurt Bardella in an e-mail.  Bardella noted that Issa has already released his "blueprint for oversight" that focuses on investigating the expansion of government.

Clyburn spokeswoman Kristie Greco called Bardella's point a "nervous overreaction.  Perhaps he [Bardella] would like us to forget that the former Chairman of Government Oversight, Rep. Burton [R-Ind.], is a co-sponsor of the birther bill and Reps. McHenry [R-N.C.] and Fortenberry [R-Neb.] have raised question about the origin of the President’s birth.  Does Darrell Issa take his fellow committee members seriously?"

Some Republican congressional candidates and lawmakers have raised questions about Obama's country of birth and citizenship since he took office.  Activists who have expressed skepticism of Obama's American citizenship have been labeled "birthers."  The so-called birther bill, or H.R. 1503, is a measure that would require proof of citizenship from presidential candidates.  It was introduced by Rep. Bill Posey (R-Fla.) in March 2009.

"Twenty-five years ago, we didn't have Rush Limbaugh spewing hate all day, every day, and others on the radio, and we didn't have a TV station dedicated to misrepresenting the facts and people making $20 million to go out and say what they know not to be true," he said. "This has created an atmosphere of toxicity."

Once again we see Clyburn spinning the issue as related to Obama's citizenship.  The issue is Obama's eligibility -- he isn't eligible and they all know it.  It won't be long before we start seeing veiled threats of "uprisings" should an investigation of Obama's eligibility be announced.

Clyburn's remarks are a clear indicator that the dhimmicrats are worried.  They won't be able to cover for their guy anymore when they lose their majority.  And they see the handwriting on the wall.
 How Congress Was Prepped To Deflect Questions About Obama’s Eligibility
John L. Work says Jerome Corsi has done the work of ten police detectives during his investigation to discover Barack Obama’s history, that he has spent millions of dollars to conceal from the People and the Press.  Corsi’s travels have taken him as far as Kenya, where he was once taken into custody by Kenyan authorities a few years back, and deported before he could gather any birth records and interview potential witnesses who might exist there.

Today he published a copyrighted story at WorldNetDaily that relates in detail exactly how members of Congress were provided material by the Congressional Research Service (CRS) to help them ameliorate constituents who might call or write letters, demanding some answers as to the President’s proof of eligibility to attain his office:

In an effort that is nothing short of Orwellian, the CRS memo was written by researcher Jerry Mansfield in June of 2009, complete with four attached pieces gathered from the internet to discredit the questioners.  Corsi provides a link to Mansfield’s memo.

There have been numerous lawsuits filed in Courts of Law throughout the land in attempts to find the truth -- yet not one judge has granted the plaintiffs’ motions for discovery of documents that can answer the questions.  And Obama’s concealed history is far and above the long-form birth certificate at issue -- it includes school documents, college transcripts and financial aid applications, passport application records, selective service registration records, and name-change records.

I don’t know the answers to the questions.  I do understand the questions and I believe they are valid.  I cannot come to any conclusions, because team Obama strangely refuses to divulge the information.

The Courts have refused to hear the arguments for or against the proposition that we may have a pretender in office, citing the duty of Congress to confirm or dispel a political candidate’s eligibility to be duly elected to the office of President.

So, there is really only one way to resolve this nagging question about who Obama really is, from whence he came -- and whether he is a natural-born citizen, a repatriated citizen or a fraud.  The Republicans have been granted another chance to run the legislative branch of the government.  Speaker of The House Nancy Pelosi vouched for Obama’s candidacy at the Democratic National Convention in 2008.

The House can open a post-facto investigation into Obama’s credentials and Constitutional eligibility.  Such a decision, if it is made, is likely to cause great rancor in Congress, grand mal seizures among the overwhelmingly leftist press corps, charges of racism and perhaps even major violent disturbances in certain parts of the country.  The question, then, is: Whatever it may turn out to be, can we deal with the Truth?
State GOP Leaders Grab Issue Of Obama Eligibility
Bob Unruh says the GOP members of Congress who booted Democrat Rep. Nancy Pelosi from the speaker's seat when they took the majority in the U.S. House this month may be the least of Barack Obama's concerns as the 2012 presidential campaign assembles.

That's because in Pennsylvania, and in at least a couple of other states, there are Republican-controlled Houses, Senates and governors' offices where being developed right now are plans to use state law to demand proof of constitutional eligibility from presidential candidates before they would be allowed on the state ballot.

From Pennsylvania, Georgia and Texas there already is confirmation of such plans.  Arizona is likely to have the same plan, and other states are expected to be in the works as legislatures approach the dates when they will convene.

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