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Mischaracterizing The Eligibility Issue
V. Harlow says the eligibility issue has constantly been mischaracterized as a "citizenship" issue, or a "birth certificate" issue, and major media outlets keep playing on this same theme over and over, ridiculing those who want the truth.

I suspect they are partially driven by fear.  Fear they won't get interviews, fear they won't get invitations, fear they won't get to cover important issues if this issue is included in what they cover.  Even Fox News continues to ridicule and mischaracterize this very important Constitutional issue.

Can we attack this administration on other valid issues?  Yes, of course. I don't advocate doing anything less.  It's not right to push the very valid and important Constitutional issue of the eligibility of the current resident of White House to hold the job, aside as though it is of no matter.  There have been people scoffing for over a year now, yet lawsuits continue.  The issue is law.  The highest office in the land, the one responsible for upholding our laws and protecting our freedoms is the issue.

Most reasonable people don't question the "citizenship" of Obama.  The Constitution has special requirements for holders of the office of President of the Unite States.  Those requirements are "natural born citizen."  That is a higher standard than "citizen."  It is a higher standard than "native citizen."

Some people signed off on Obama's qualification rather cavalierly either knowingly or carelessly.  They need to be held to account.

It's easy to ridicule and destroy the reputations and careers of people fighting this battle, but it's wrong.  Orly Taitz, no matter how one questions her professionalism, does not deserve the treatment she has received from anonymous callers, from malicious supporters of Obama, or from major media outlets.  She comes willing and determined to defend our Constitution, while so many charged with that responsibility have forsaken it completely.

Donofrio, Pidgeon, Berg, Kreep, and others fighting the battle do not deserve the ridicule.  The American People overwhelmingly want to know the truth.

An honest hearing is required.

That's all I've been seeking for almost two years.
"We Gotta Have Proof"
Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, fresh off the controversy that he generated with his letter to Virginia public colleges and universities earlier this month advising them against going too far in policies protecting gays and lesbians from discrimination on campus, is back in the hot seat again, this time over comments from late last year questioning Obamaís citizenship.

The comments came to light in a posting on the left-wing political blog Not Larry Sabato on Monday that included audio from an interview conducted by an unnamed man of Cuccinelli in the post-election transition period.

In the interview, the man asks Cuccinelli what can be done "about Obama and the birth-certificate thing."  Cuccinelli responds that he thinks the question of Obamaís citizenship that has been a cause celebre for the far, far right dating back to the 2008 presidential election, "will get tested, in my view, when someone -- when he signs a law, and someone is convicted of violating it, and one of their defenses will be, 'It's not a law because someone qualified to be president didnít sign it.'"

The interviewer then interjects that the issue would be that, "we are talking about the possibility that he was not born in America," referring to Obama. "Right," answers Cuccinelli.  "But at the same time under Rule 11, Federal Rule 11, we gotta have proof of it."

Later in the exchange, Cuccinelli says it is not "beyond the realm of possibility" that Obama was born in Kenya, as has been suggested consistently by far-right partisans.

Cuccinelli told the Washington Post in a statement on the matter released on Monday that he "absolutely believe(s)" that Obama was born in America.

"I donít buy into the claims that he wasnít," Cuccinelli said.

This item is posted to demonstrate how the "eligibility" issue is confused with citizenship.  They are two different issues.  Obama is a "citizen by statute."  Accept that.  However, he remains ineligible to serve as CiC because of the facts of his birth.  His alleged father was a Kenyan citizen, and a subject of Great Britain.  At birth, this status was conveyed to Obama.  A fact he admits to on his own website. 

When you have this discussion with your friends and associates, be very careful to separate eligibility from citizenship, and be prepared to discuss "statutory citizenship" v. eligibility.

As an aside, see how the writer opens his piece with a pejorative paragraph completely unrelated to the subject he addresses.

See How The Obots Spin

Let's take a look at how Dan Nowicki, The Arizona Republic's award-winning national political reporter spins the above item.

He begins with, "Brown pressed Hayworth as to whether he was 'comfortable with the fact that (Obama is) an American citizen.'"

Nowicki frames his interpretation of the facts as being a citizenship issue, when he knows it's an eligibility issue, which he demonstrates when he continues:

"The Constitution requires that the president be a natural-born citizen..."

That's the Obot two-step -- conflating eligibility and citizenship -- muddying the water, right up front -- and here comes the spin:

"...which is widely viewed as meaning he must be born in the United States..."

A view not held by the Chairman of the Senate Judiiciary Committee, Patrick Leahy, and senators McKaskill, Coburn, Clinton, Webb, and, oh yes -- Barack Obama.  Their formal view is that John McCain, a child born of American parents, was a "natural born" citizen.  Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff, himself a former Federal judge, agreed.

"...Obama was born Aug. 4, 1961, in Hawaii."

So, here's how it worked in 2008 -- when Obots addressed Obama's eligibility, they talk about Hawaii -- "...Obama was born Aug. 4, 1961, in Hawaii"-- they don't want to talk about the implications of the fact that his father was a foreigner.

When addressing McCain, it's parentage -- said Sen. Leahy, "Because he was born to American citizens...McCain is a natural born citizen" -- even though McCain was born in a foreign country -- there's problems there too.

Fact is, both Obama and McCain were ineligible and everybody knew it.  That's why there was no outcry then, and why there's no outcry now.  Think about it, Congress, the judiciary, and all those campaign types, the lobbyists, and the rest of them -- they're almost all lawyers -- they know that Barack Obama is currently usurping the office -- they were intimidated by the spectre of "riots in the cities" and the need to go along.

Nowicki couldn't just close his propaganda piece without throwing a shot at the "birthers" -- small "b"

"During the presidential race, Obama's campaign produced the Hawaii-issued short-form birth certificate, but fringe Obama critics, dubbed "birthers," continue to demand to see his long-form birth certificate."

It's not just about a bogus birth certificate that has been exposed by four competent examiners as a counterfeit -- there's a whole bunch of stuff Obama is hiding from the American People -- and you're wrong about that fringe thing too.

The facts of the interview are the facts.  Nowicki's interpretation of them are classic propaganda.
Eric Cantor:  Obama Is A Citizen
Salon is reporting the new Republican House majority leader says he doesnít think questions about Barack Obamaís citizenship should play a role in the discussion of policy matters.

Agreed.  Those questions ought to about Barack Obamaís eligibility to serve as Commander-in-Chief.  They are two separate and distinct issues.

Two years into the Obama administration, so-called Birthers continue to argue that Obama isnít a "natural-born" citizen and that he hasnít proved heís constitutionally qualified to be president.

Obama HAS NOT proved heís constitutionally qualified to be president.  That's a fact.  What does Salon think this discussion is about?  A CNN poll has shown that 60% of Americans have issues with Obama's story.

Birth records in Hawaii havenít dissuaded them.

There are no birth records, just something "written down."  Abercrombie's words.

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor says he believes Obama is a citizen and that most Americans are beyond that question.

That's Cantor's way of "evading the issue."  They're all doing it.   This is the world's most dangerous game of "hot potato."  Nobody wants to touch it. 

They all know there are "issues."  It's in the news and on TV every day now.  Jay Leno and SNL even ridicule Obama and his story.

Appearing Sunday on NBCís "Meet the Press," Cantor refused to call people who question Obamaís citizenship "crazy," saying itís not nice to call anyone crazy.

Isn't that nice of him.

Cantor says he believes that Obama wants whatís best for the country and that there are honest disagreements over how to achieve that.

I don't believe Cantor believes that Obama wants whatís best for the country for an instant.  If Cantor thought Obama was doing whatís best for the country he wouldn't have sponsored H.R. 2, "Repealing the Job-Killing Health Care Law Act."

Nobody's going to touch this as long as Obama occupies the Oval Office.

This is like "The Emperors New Clothes" in real life.  When it comes to eligibility, Obama is bare-assed naked, and no one dares to speak out.

Look at what has happened to the ones that have tried.  Some have been humiliated.  Some have been broken and jailed.

Despite the merciless attacks on Americans who question Obama's eligibility by the media and the Left, the whispers became a murmur, and the murmur became a roar.

The eligibility issue is now "main stream" and the only one to put it to rest is Obama, and the only way he can do that is to release ALL of the normal and usual records documenting who he is, where he came from, and who sent him.

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