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Chris Matthews

Matthews asserts several facts that aren't in his assault on the majority of Americans.

He says that Obama's Certification of Live Birth (COLB) was released by the State of Hawaii.  That's just not true.

Politifact actually has Janice Okubo, Hawaii Department of Health's Communications Officer on the record denying that the electronic COLB image provided by the Obama campaign -- Robert Gibbels takes credit -- can be authenticated by her or by anyone at the department.  Politifact apparently conducted a follow-up interview with Okubo that shows that what Okubo meant was that the Obama COLB only appeared to be be a valid Hawaiian BC, but she could not and did not "verify" that it was a valid Hawaiian COLB BC.

"Still, she acknowledges: 'I don't know that it's possible for us to even say beyond a doubt what the image on the site represents.'"

Okubo had to back off her original claim.  And a good thing ... she originally said Obamaís alleged COLB was real because it looked like her own.  IOW, she used no formal technique to verify its accuracy.  She relied on no official record to verify its accuracy.  She just thought it looked like hers.  At best, she follows up with a second-hand anecdote, "... our registrar ... thought he could see pieces of the embossed image ..."

Jill T. Nagamine, Deputy Attorney General for the State of Hawaii, has made it clear that her office will not corroborate or back in any way the July 27, 2009 Statement of Dr. Chiyome Fukino, Director of the Hawaii Department of Health, which declared Obama Hawaiian-born and a "natural-born American citizen."

Dr. Fukino had no statutory authority nor duty to make such a statement, and that the Attorney Generalís office will not stand behind Fukinoís claim that Obama is a "natural-born American citizen." 

So Hawaii has never said they are the source of Obama's bogus COLB.  Never!

And Matthews goes off on the "birth announcements."

Nobody has ever seen the birth announcements.  These two artifacts come from microfilm/fiche found at the Honolulu library.  The librarian just happened to have them on her desk when investigators made inquiries.  But, so what?  Birth announcements aren't evidence of anything.  Birth announcements, like wedding and death announcements are submitted by families, not original sources.

But, no one has ever seen the announcements in a real paper newspaper.  So the copies appearing on the net are derivative, not original artifacts.

Of course, Matthews ends with the conclusion that Birthers, and others, want to "assassinate him," meaning Obama, with their lies because they're racists.

So, what's new?  Same old lies from the left.  No one has ever certified Obama's COLB is the real deal except these two hippies.

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