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Now, All We Need Is Obama's

Stanley Ann Dunham Obama Soetoro-Passport Application File-Strunk v Dept of State-FOIA Release-FINAL-7-29-10

Inconsistencies Found In Passport Applications
Sharon Rondeau says the U.S. State Department has released 14 pages of documentation in response to a Freedom of Information Act request for documents made by Mr. Christopher Strunk dating back to October 2008.

Strunk was originally directed to make his request to the Bureau of Customs and Border Control, which is part of the Department of Homeland Security.  He did so and stated that the records he had requested "do not fall within any of FOIA exemptions items" (page 7).

He also claimed that "The above requested documents are extremely critical and important to Petitioner as well as the general public and are of substantial public interest" (page 8).

Strunk stated that Obama was born in "Mombasa, Kenya" and, citing the 1940 Nationality Act followed by the 1952 Nationality Act, claimed that his mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, "did not meet the citizenship requirements to register Barry Soetoro’s birth as "natural born…" (page 11).

He further contended that Obama, aka Barry Soetoro, was registered as an Indonesian citizen to attend the Fransiskus Assisi School in Jakarta, and that "The Indonesian school, upon registration of a new student, verified the citizenship status and name of the child with the Indonesian Government; moreover, Indonesian Immigration and police checked all public schools on a weekly basis to ensure the only students attending were in fact Indonesian citizens" (page 12).

The original response letter to Strunk from the State Department is as follows:

Click here -- lots of screen snapshots . . .

There's a lot of stuff here, and again these artifacts create more questions than they answer.
This Guy Thinks Obama's Indonesian Too
Christopher Strunk, who in November 2008 requested copies of Obama’s mother’s passport file from the State Department under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), finally received a response which includes 12 pages of documents.  Although they provide some information about the dates of some of Stanley Ann Dunham’s travels, the file includes no documents dated earlier than 1965 -- which might indicate whether Dunham traveled to Kenya in mid-1961.  The State Department’s excuse for releasing no older documents is: "Many passport applications and other non-vital records from that period were destroyed during the 1980s in accordance with guidance from the General Services Administration.  (That claim would seem by many to be absurd.  First, the federal government rarely discards any records.  More importantly, on the assumption that passport documents are filed alphabetically by name rather than by document date, it seems unlikely that tens of thousands of man-hours would have been spent going through the passport files of every American in order to extract and destroy only the oldest documents.) [13328, 13329, 13330]

Some Stanley Ann Dunham passport file documents are released.  Passport office implies in cover letter earliest passport application no longer exists.

The earliest 1960/1961 passport application paper work information is missing from this released information.  The record starts with a "RENEWAL" application filed in 1965 due to her name change after marrying Lolo Soetoro at Molokai Hawaii on March 15, 1965 per page marked P3 of the released documents.

The carefully worded cover letter implies earlier years records have been purged for some reason.  Since passport records are filed in files by name and not in boxes or files by year, this does not make sense.  It sounds to me like HI officials (or whoever controls them) are now instructing the U.S. Passport Office how to obfuscate and parse sentences in cover letters to allow them to not provide what one asks for and yet not be lying.

There was obviously a passport issued to Stanley Ann (whatever name she used to get it) prior to 1965.  Passports in the 1960’s or so were good for 3 years and could be renewed for an additional 2 years.  There is block in the passport to show it had been renewed (or not).  Those passports had an issue date in them but no expiration date but an Aviso below it:

In the passport it says (with an arrow pointing to it) IMPORTANT Unless Otherwise Limited -- This Passport Expires Three Years From Issue Date -- If Renewed, It Expires Five Years From Issue Date.

One Dunham passport document shows that she married Indonesian Lolo Soetoro on March 15, 1965, while another shows a marriage date of March 5, 1964 -- 15 days before her March 20, 1964 divorce from Barack Hussein Obama, Sr.  Other documents show that in mid-1967, in preparation for her move to Indonesia, Dunham completed an application to amend her existing passport to reflect her married name, Stanley Ann Soetoro.  Yet that request was to amend a passport issued on July 19, 1965 under the name Dunham.  It would have been illogical for a married woman to apply for a passport in 1965 using her maiden name, only to have to amend it later.  This suggests that her first passport was issued in 1960 or 1961 and then simply renewed in 1965.  But because the "official Obama story" never has Dunham leaving the United States until she moved to Jakarta with second husband Lolo Soetoro, it is reasonable to ask why Dunham even had a passport before 1965 that required renewal.  The likely answer is that her first passport was obtained to travel to Kenya in mid-1961 -- and the State Department could not release those documents without making that obvious.  If Obama was legally adopted by Lolo Soetoro he became an Indonesian citizen.  If the adoption took place before his 6th birthday (on or before August 4, 1967), Obama would be considered an Indonesian citizen retroactive to his birth under the Hague Convention.

...But as everything with this family, nothing is consistent.  In 1965 she (Stanley Ann) says she married Lolo Soetoro on March 15, 1965 in Molokai Hawaii.  But in a later passport renewal application marked P5 filed in 1981 she states she married him on March 5, 1964 in Maui, Hawaii.  Which is true?  Either way, said marriage dates, could have allowed for Obama to have been legally adopted by Lolo Soetoro in Hawaii at age 5 or under given these marriage dates, and his falsified birth records in Hawaii, fraudulently created by grandma Dunham in 1961, and which could have been amended to show the new legal name of Barry Soetoro. And then Obama could have later re-amended them back to put his name back to Barack Hussein Obama II when in his life that suited him. Obama is a life narrative chameleon. He changes names and citizenship at will during his life to suit his current needs and plans.

Also on document P2, the second page of that document, she wrote in the block named "Amend to Include (Exclude) Children" the name of her son Barack Hussein Obama and then right below it a weird name or phrase spelled and in parenthesis as (Soebarkah).  This entry then has 5 diagonal line strike-through lines across the entry.  Another mysterious new tidbit to research.
Stanley Ann Dunham's Passport File

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You haven't heard the end of this document drop.  There's a lot of explicit info here, and a lot that can be implied.  We now know that the Dunham/Soetoro marriage was in 1964 or 1965, not 1967, as the "official" narrative tells us.

This is why it's so important to get Obama's original documents -- ALL of them.
Who Gave Guidance To Destroy Passport Records?

Sharon Rondeau says that last July, Mr. Christopher Earl Strunk’s Freedom of Information request for the passport records of Stanley Ann Dunham Obama Soetoro was granted in part by the State Department, accompanied by a cover letter from Mr. Jonathan M. Rolbin which provided the following explanation for the missing records:


"Many passport applications and other non-vital records from that period were destroyed during the 1980s in accordance with guidance from the General Services Administration."


The Post & Email contacted the General Services Administration and requested documentation of such "guidance" allegedly provided from the GSA for the destruction of passport records.  However, in her reply to us, GSA employee Ms. Sharon Lighton stated:


Authorization and the destruction of Federal records is the responsibility of NARA.  The Department’s Records Management Program is responsible for ensuring that the legal, financial, evidentiary and historical transactions are recorded accurately and completely.  Therefore, you would need to contact NARA at the address provided.


In an objection to Mr. Rolbin’s contention that the records in question had been "destroyed," Mr. Strunk filed a brief in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia which maintained that no such directive had ever been made.


The Post & Email took Ms. Lighton’s advice and wrote to Mr. Olin at the NARA on September 18, 2010.  Now, six weeks have passed, and no response has been received from the NARA in violation of the Freedom of Information Act’s 20-working-day response requirement.


It appears that strict regulations for altering records retention rules are maintained, and any changes must pass through an approval process.  There are explicit provisions which allow for microfilms to suffice for the original documents; however, permission for the destruction of government records must be obtained from the Archivist following a written request.


Blogger Butterdezillion has compiled a list of "dispositions" for the State Department which do not encompass the early 1960s.


Why has the NARA failed to respond to our request?


Why is Mr. Rolbin’s assertion to Christopher Strunk unable to be verified?


What is it about Stanley Ann Soetoro’s passport records that the federal government does not want the public to see?


Where was she during the early 1960s?  If she had been in the United States, she would most likely not even have possessed a passport, as she was allegedly a young college student attending either the University of Hawaii or University of Washington.  Yet Mr. Rolbin seemed to say in his letter that Stanley Ann had filled out a passport application, as he explains its absence from the information released to Strunk in an indirect way.


Is there anyone who traveled abroad in the early 1960s who has requested his or her passport documentation from that time period and told that it had been ordered "destroyed?"


Who is lying, and who is telling the truth?

We Don't Need Obama's Birth Certificate
Louise Hodges says:  I have no use for Barack Obama. I don't need a politician with a history of drug abuse who puts the dreams of his father above the interests of the United States. Obama's presidency is like a giant sinkhole, swallowing up everything we ever valued as Americans.


It's almost an insult to our intelligence, to ask us to believe that Obama is a US citizen. He has a schizophrenic timeline of unexplained foreign travel, a list of aliases, and uncomfortable friendships with communists and hostile governments.


We can drop this debate over his birth certificate because we have something even more valuable. We have his mother's passport files.

Stanley Ann Dunham's passport files were obtained through the Freedom of Information Act and then posted online. (Strunk v. US Department of State)

When Obama was young, children traveled as an addition to their parents' passports.


Passport regulations required a photo of parent and child together, as well as a certified copy of a hospital birth certificate. State-issued IDs came much later.


If Obama was born in the United States, as everybody says, then there should be a photo of little Barack Obama with his mother, as well as a certified copy of his Hawaiian birth certificate in her file.


Surprise. There are no photos of little Barack Obama in the file. And of course, there is no birth certificate from any hospital in Hawaii.


I know the passport laws for children. Obama's mother and I would be approximately the same age if she survived. I filled out the very same passport applications for my own daughter, three years after Obama's mother took him to Jakarta. The laws were the same for both of us.


My daughter was born in an Army hospital in Japan in 1971, when my husband was in the Navy. I added her to my passport so I could bring her back to the United States.


I remember it like it was yesterday because my ex-husband complained about how complicated it was. We had to go to the hospital and get a certified copy of her birth certificate, re-take my passport photo with my daughter, crop it until it fit the requirements, and then go all the way to the US Consulate in Tokyo and stand in line. If there was anything the man hated, it was anything that cost him money or inconvenienced him.


I carried a joint passport for myself and my daughter through US Customs and Immigration in Hawaii. I can tell you from experience that if Obama's mother tried to take her son through US Customs and Immigration in Hawaii without a joint passport for herself and her son, she would have been stopped.


The obvious question is, who took him through US Customs and Immigration and helped him board the plane in Hawaii? And who brought him back?

The only mention of little Barack Obama is when his mother tried to renew her passport at the US Consulate in Jakarta a few years later. We see evidence of that in the file.


She tried to trick the passport office. She went to the US Consulate in Jakarta and wrote "Barack Obama" in the section where you add your child. She thought, like we did, that they were going to add him to her passport, no questions asked.


They probably laughed and asked her how her son got to Jakarta without a US Passport.


When she failed to go get this Hawaiian birth certificate and retake her photo, the Passport Office crossed out his name.


She found herself stuck in Jakarta, trying to sneak her son back to the United States.


All Congress has to do is ask the Passport Legal Office to explain how Obama's mother took him through US Customs and Immigration without a US passport. I don't see that happening.


If there was a logical explanation, Obama should look forward to clearing his name. Or maybe we'll get lucky, and he'll just get on a helicopter and leave.

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