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The Mother-in-Law

Obama's transition team confirmed that his 71-year-old mother-in-law would be moving into the grand residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.  Obama has said he would be delighted to have his wife's mother, Marian Robinson, join the first family in Washington.


"Mrs. Robinson will be coming with the family to help the girls get acclimated, and she will determine in the coming months whether or not she wants to stay in D.C. permanently," said Katie McCormick Lelyveld, spokeswoman for Michelle Obama.

During the campaign, she retired from her job as a bank secretary to care for the Obama girls, Sasha, 7, and Malia, 10, while their parents were on the road.

The Mother-in-Law Practices Witchcraft

I did a double-take on this one, but the reliable, is reporting that the Obama White House is abuzz with talk of witchcraft by first grandmother, 72-year-old Marian Robinson, who lives in the White House residence.  A close friend of Michelle Obama says Barack Obama is furious at his mother-in-law after learning that she was practicing Santeria, an African spirit cult, in the White House.

"The president is quite upset about this on two different levels.  First, he is a committed Christian, no matter what his critics say about Reverend Wright.  He is adamant that Sasha and Malia be raised with Christian influences.  He does not want them to be involved with African voodoo.  And secondly, he is worried about the political fallout if his enemies get wind of this.  Rev. Wright was bad enough, but this would be political suicide," a close friend of Michelle’s confided.

Religion took center stage during the campaign last year when videos showed the Rev. Jeremiah Wright shouting "God damn America."  Obama was forced to distance himself from the since-retired pastor at Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, where he worshiped for 20 years.  Many people were shocked by the videos and questioned Obama’s fitness to be president. Since taking office, Obama has avoided worshiping in public and now prefers the chapel at the presidential retreat at Camp David.

This is how it happened.  Marian Robinson became increasingly frustrated as her husband, Fraser Robinson, was hobbled by multiple sclerosis in the late 1980s.  The family pastor prayed with her and counseled her, but "she turned to Santeria in a desperate hope," Michelle’s friend said.  "Michelle put her foot down when she heard that her mother took her dad to ceremonies where they did spells and trances, and sacrificed animals, chickens and goats I think.  But Marian was desperate and kept going anyway, even when her husband was to sick to go with her.  I don’t think the president knew anything about this earlier because it was before they met.  Michelle and Craig (her brother) wanted to close the book on this and never talked about it again after their father died in 1991."

The first grandma appears to be worried about her health now, even though doctors pronounce her in good shape.  "Marian invited an old friend from Chicago to visit her at the White House, and she performed a Santeria ceremony in the residence.  When Michelle saw this woman, a voodoo priestess she recognized her from when her father was sick, she had a fit.  When she told the president about it, he blew up and said, ‘No voodoo in the White House.  Absolutely.  I don’t care what you call it.’  As far as I know, it only happened once," the friend said.

The resident was "totally in favor" when his mother-in-law moved into the White House as a live-in babysitter for 11-year-old Malia and 8-year-old Sasha.  Obama reportedly told Michelle that her mother will have to go back to Chicago if she does not "stop this witchcraft mumbo-jumbo immediately" and ordered the Secret Service to not allow Marian’s friend to return to the White House.
Obama's Mother-In-Law Likes White House Life
The AP says Barack Obama's mother-in-law lived her entire life in Chicago, so it was only natural that her move to the White House came with some resistance.  Try it for three months, her son-in-law says the family suggested.

A year later, it seems Marian Robinson is here to stay.

She spends a lot of time looking after granddaughters Malia, 11, and Sasha, 8, but has been carving out a new life for herself, too.  In the words of Obama, she's become "quite the lady about town."

The widowed Mrs. Robinson has made friends and has had friends over to the White House.  She goes shopping on her own, enjoys visits to the Kennedy Center and takes Malia and Sasha to and from school just about every day -- all while enjoying a level of anonymity that has Obama and her own daughter, first lady Michelle Obama, feeling both pleased and a bit envious at the same time.

"She's quite the lady about town," Obama said.  "But the nice thing is that she just walks out the gate and goes."

Mrs. Robinson took her first trip abroad last year, flying aboard Air Force One with the family to Russia, Italy and Ghana.  With the family, she got to meet the pope, tour Rome's ancient Coliseum and inspect a former slave holding compound on the coast of Ghana.  She also joins the family for weekends at the Camp David presidential retreat in Maryland

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The AP doesn't mention whether Mrs. Robinson is still practicing Santeria in the White House or not.

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