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More, and more, Obama and his Democratic colleagues admit their goal is Socialism.



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The Kind Of America We Want

Hot Air says we should give Joe Scarborough credit for being the one person on MSNBC with the brains to ask Dick Durbin why we want to hike taxes on capital gains while we struggle to recover from the Great Recession.  The ObamaCare bill applies Medicare taxes to investment income for the first time, putting earners above $200,000 on the hook for the bill while Congress spreads that wealth as it sees fit.  For the self-employed earners, those taxes are doubled, since there is no employer to share the burden; for businesses, it creates yet more expense, eating up cash that could have gone toward expansion and hiring.

So how does Dick Durbin respond?

Sen. Durbin: "The cost...of having the kind of America we want to have." (00:28)

Yes, if youíre making over $200,000 a year, youíre going to pay slightly more in taxes.  Itís the cost, I think, of having the kind of America we want to have.

What kind of America is that -- one with chronically high unemployment and a growing dependent class?  Jim DeMint puts the question this way:

What kind of America do we want to have?  One where people are free to live their lives as they see fit, or one where Washington controls nearly every aspect of our lives?

Democrats like Durbin obviously want the latter.  Weíd better make sure that Republicans support the former before getting behind them in elections from now on.
To Control The People

The wrong words slip out of Congressman John Dingell's mouth (00:50)
Glen Enloe says Barack (Barry) Obama didnít have enough woes with mounting health care opposition, Rep. John Dingell (D-MI) said in an interview March 22 that "Öit takes a long time to do the necessary administrative steps that have to be taken to put the legislation together to control the people."

Wow!  Another Democrat lets yet another party secret out of the bag.  Of course, if youíve been paying attention lately, this is no real surprise.  Itís always been about control.

On the night of the passage of the health care bill, Dingell was a featured speaker at the leadership victory press conference.  They may not want to feature him again.

It happens so rarely, that when Dingell spoke the truth, it sent shock waves that are still reverberating.  Whatís up with Democrats NOT lying?  Dingell must not have gotten the memo that day.

Yep, it looks like Barry better rein in John Dingell, Alcee Hastings and other loose-lipped Democrats.  Before we know it one might slip up and tell us the truth about the global warming fraud.  But thatís not too likely to happen.
"Health Care Is Now A Right"

Senator Baucus admits ObamaCare is all about income redistribution  (00:47)
They ARE Socialists

They Tell Us What They Are.... SOCIALISTS!  (05:45)

Here's a list of the Socialists in Congress.
Obama's Allies Are Out Of The Closet
Glen Beck's Washington rally got Obama and the Obots all wee-wee'd up, so they decided to have their own rally to support the Obamamessiah's socialist revolution.

According to the One Nation Working Together site, "more than 400 organizations, representing tens of thousands of individuals who have endorsed the "One Nation Working Together campaign" have signed on as partners for the Oct. 2 rally in Washington, D.C.

This movement includes human and civil rights organizations, unions and trade associations, nonprofit organizations, youth and student groups, religious and other faith groups, educational, peace, environmental, and ethnic associations, and any other groups and individuals who are committed to pulling our country back together now.

Obamaís own Organizing for America has praised the effort, calling it the "biggest progressive demonstration in decades" and on Barack Obama's Organizing for America website is the following notice:

"Rally with the President -- With elections less than two months away, President Obama is holding rallies across the country."

When Beck held his grass-roots rally, who showed up?  Grandma and grandpa, mom and dad, Americans of all parties, races and philosophies -- red, white and blue Americans -- patriots.

So, who is scheduled to attend Obama's astroturf rally?  Every enemy of America there ever was.  Here's just a taste:

Communist Party USA (CPUSA);  International Socialist Organization;  Democratic Socialists of America;  National Council of La Raza;  Service Employees International Union;  Rainbow PUSH Coalition;  Green for All;  National Education Association;  Ya Ya Network.  The sponsors claim 400 organizations are represented -- 95% of them are dedicated enemies of the US Constitution, and the free-enterprise system.

This rally will finally define Obama.  This rally will clearly identify the politics of this son-of-bitch.  There have been millions of words written describing who Obama is, and what Obama is.  Most of those words are pure bovine excrement, and I can think of no clearer demonstration of who and what this guy is than the public display of people who support him.

And it really needs to be pointed out there that a great number of those attending the 10/2 rally are getting free bus rides, free T shirts, free food, and free Metro passes from the radical organizations behind this event.  For example the National Education Association (NEA), funded by its member's dues and the federal government, is paying teachers 50% of travel, food, and lodging expenses.

When Beck held his rally, and when the TEA Party has their rallies, the grounds are always policed up. Watch for the pile of debris these environmentally-friendly whackjobs leave behind them.
Obama's "Liberal" Supporters Trash Mall
This AM, Fox and Friends dedicated a 15-second report to yesterday's One Nation Working Together Rally, describing it as a rally of "liberal and union groups," and then added "gay and civil rights groups."  There was absolutely no mention of this bunch:

FReeper Kristinn points out that video and photos taken today after the One Nation Working Together Rally concluded show that participants left significant amounts of trash at memorials in our nation's capital dedicated to fallen American servicemen.


The World War II Memorial on the National Mall, which is opposite the Lincoln Memorial where the rally was held this afternoon, had food trash and rally signs all around the granite seating along the perimeter of the Pacific side of the memorial.  Colorful signs bearing the logo of rally co-sponsor SEIU are prevalent.  Among the signs and water bottles strewn about is what looks like an uneaten Twinkie carelessly dropped at the edge of a fountain commemorating the hard-fought victory in the Pacific theater.



And, at the Lincoln Memorial -- and these are the people who are always preaching to the rest of us about not littering and saving the environment -- here, they demonstrate that they expect others to clean up their mess:



Memorial Bridge, which crosses the Potomac River between the Lincoln Memorial and Arlington National Cemetery, was littered with identical cardboard lunch boxes.  The boxed lunches were given free of charge to union and NAACP members, along with free t-shirts, free Metro fare cards and free bus rides from across the country to the rally.  FReeper Stratman1969 posted several photographs at his Marooned in Marin blog that shows the trash left on Memorial Bridge.

Judging from the results, the rent-a-mob astroturfers couldn't come close to Glenn Beck's August 28th rally, held in the same area -- and many of those in attendance came for the alleged music.  The AP is reporting that organizers claimed they had as many participants as Beck's rally, but the AP also admitted that Saturday's rent-a-crowd was less dense and didn't reach as far to the edges as they did during Beck's rally.

Decide for yourself.  Compare these aerial photos of Beck's rally to Obama's rally (cursor down).

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The Missing Link in the Evolution of Barack Obama
Selwyn Duke says that one of the problems with the idea of "American exceptionalism" is that it exacerbates a kind of complacency common to man.  This is the phenomenon whereby people often view themselves as exceptions -- saying, after some tragedy, for instance, something such as "I never thought it could happen to me."

On a national level -- and this especially plagues great nations -- this manifests itself in the notion that "it" could never happen here.  Oh, the "it" could be descent into tyranny, domination by a foreign power, or dissolution.  Or maybe it could be the election of a leader who is a Manchurian candidate, a traitor within, someone bent on destroying the nation that gave him everything.  That..."it"...couldn't happen here.  In fact, the idea is so preposterous to many Americans that if such a threat loomed, they would never see it coming.  And they would call a person who warned of it a nut.

So I want to present you with a hypothetical.  Let's say a leader were elected who had, during his childhood, been mentored by an avowed Nazi.  Let us further say that his guardians had chosen this mentor for him, indicating that they were likely sympathetic to the man's beliefs.  Now, let us say that upon reaching college, this future leader gravitated toward Nazi professors.  Moreover, we then find out that a man who knew the leader as an undergraduate and was, at the time, a Nazi himself, said that the leader was "in 100-percent total agreement" with his Nazi professors and was a flat-out Nazi who believed in old-style Brownshirt tactics.

Okay, we're almost done.  After graduating, the leader-to-be spends twenty years sitting in a white-power church, has an alliance with a self-proclaimed Nazi and ex-terrorist, and, apparently, becomes a member of a National Socialist party for a while.  And then, upon being elected, he appoints an avowed Nazi to his administration, and also a woman who cites Adolf Hitler as one of her two favorite philosophers.  Now here's the million-depreciated-dollar question:

What would be nuttier: to claim that this man was a Nazi, or to claim that such an assertion is out-of-bounds?

Furthermore, if people appeared unconcerned about the leader's radical past, what would be the most likely explanation?

A.  They're sympathetic to Nazism.
B.  They're ignorant of his personal history.
C.  They're rationalizing away a frightening reality.
D.  Some combination of the above.

Let's now transition to the actual.  Here is a fact: If you took the above description of my hypothetical leader and replaced "Nazi" with "communist," "flat-out Nazi" with "flat-out Marxist-Leninist," "Brownshirt tactics" with "communist revolution," "white-power" with "black-power," "National Socialist" with "socialist," and "Adolf Hitler" "with Mao Tse-tung," you would have an accurate description of a leader in power today.

His name is Barack Obama.

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