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White House Complicit In Leaks
Floyd Brown says Obama is downplaying the importance of the leak of thousands of classified documents.  But he won’t be able to laugh off the latest allegations.  We have now learned that with quick action he and his White House Staff may have been able to limit the damage, but they were too incompetent to act.

This video interview blows this scandal wide open.

Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks talk with Judge Napolitano of Fox News  (02:03)
When asked by Judge Andrew Napolitano of Fox News why he should not be held responsible for potential deaths caused by the leak, Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks, answered that he contacted the White House about the leaks before they were released and asked them to review them.  The White House’s response?


They were too busy golfing, partying with Paul McCartney and spending the summer vacationing.  In subsequent email conversations Assange’s people clarified that they sought this response through the New York Times.

This is the part of the puzzle which could explain why Obama and his supporters have been trying to downplay this leak as unimportant.

Julian Assange

Floyd Brown says Obama is downplaying the importance of the leak of thousands of classified documents.  But he won’t be able to laugh off the latest allegations.  We have now learned that with quick action he and his White House Staff may have been able to limit the damage, but they were too incompetent to act.

Julian Assange says he asked.

This video interview blows this scandal wide open.

Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks talk with Judge Napolitano of Fox News  (02:03)
When asked by Judge Andrew Napolitano of Fox News why he should not be held responsible for potential deaths caused by the leak, Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, answered that he contacted the White House about the leaks before they were released and asked them to review them.  The White House’s response?


They were too busy golfing, partying with Paul McCartney and spending the summer vacationing.  In subsequent email conversations Assange’s people clarified that they sought this response through the New York Times.

This is the part of the puzzle which could explain why Obama and his supporters have been trying to downplay this leak as unimportant.
Obama Administration Is Okay With Leaks
Jake Tapper says the White House has instructed federal departments and agencies to take immediate steps to try to prevent any future Wikileaks-like disclosures.

"The recent irresponsible disclosure by WikiLeaks has resulted in significant damage to our national security," wrote director of the Office of Management and Budget Jack Lew, in a memo posted this morning at the OMB website.  "Any failure by agencies to safeguard classified information pursuant to relevant laws… is unacceptable and will not be tolerated."

Each federal department and agency that handles classified information is being instructed to create a "security assessment team" to review the implementation of procedures to safeguard such information, a review to include making sure that no employee has access to information beyond what is necessary to do his or her job effectively.

The instruction seemed a reference to US Army Private Bradley Manning, an army intelligence analyst arrested who was stationed in Iraq and is thought to be the source for the hundreds of thousands of documents leaked to Wikileaks.  Manning was arrested in May and is awaiting court martial.

It was unclear why this memo is being released now, after the third Wikileaks document dump, instead of after the first one.

Heads in the sand alert!  The Pentagon just released a study that says homosexuals could serve with no harm, but didn't this homosexual harm America by leaking all these Wikileak documents.

I'm fairly convinced that Obama was fine with these leaks.  They hurt America's image.  Then I found this comment from Rush Limbaugh:

"Who says everybody's worried this WikiLeaks stuff, at least the stuff I'm reading, is gonna damage US credibility.  Isn't that the idea?  Isn't that the point of this administration?  Isn't this the exact kind of thing Obama's been looking to do?  Isn't this the exact kind of thing this administration, this guy has hoped for, less respect for the United States?  Great respect for him, but less respect for us?  Well, it's hurting Britain, too, but damn the Brits need to be hurt because, you know, they hurt Obama's grandfather.  Don't forget now, Obama took the Churchill bust out.  The Brits deserved to get hurt, the colonialists out there taking over and colonializing all these different peoples of color, the Mau Mau Revolution, Obama's grandfather, or father, whatever, got his butt kicked by the Brits.  So, look, I mean doesn't all this kind of make sense? "

If you think this is an exaggeration, remember this video, from 11/27/10, of the United Nations Human Rights Council’s Universal Periodic Review?  It shows the humiliation of our nation in front of some of the worst despots in the world.

America bad!  Obama good!  That was the message presented by Obama's representatives to the kangaroo court.

You have to ask yourself, if Homeland Security can shut down 82 websites for alleged copyright infringement, why can't they shut down Wikileaks for espionage?

Wikileaks?  Who cares?  9/11 Terror Trials?  Whatever.  Closing Guantanamo?  Later, dude.

Attorney General Eric Holder is on his way to Switzerland to lobby for the World Cup.  After all, Obama does have his priorities.
WikiLeaks Hit By Powerful Cyber-Attack
NEW YORK (CBS/AP) – The WikiLeaks website said it came under a forceful Internet-based attack on Tuesday morning, making some of the content, including the controversial "Cablegate" documents, inaccessible for hours to users in the U.S. and Europe.
10 gigabits per second -- that's a whole lot
The site appears to have responded by switching its main hosting base from Sweden to the U.S., making it available again.

On Tuesday, traffic to the site went to Inc.’s server-for-rent service, based in the U.S.

The site, which distributed a trove of U.S. diplomatic documents on Sunday, said in a Twitter message on Tuesday morning that it was under a "distributed denial of service attack," a method commonly used by hackers to slow down or bring down sites.  WikiLeaks didn’t identify the attackers.

"We are currently under a DDOS attack," according to one tweet early Tuesday. Shortly after 9 a.m., another tweet was sent, saying, "DDOS attack now exceeding 10 Gigabits a second."

The site, which is devoted to releasing anonymously submitted documents, also came under attack Sunday, but Tuesday’s attack appeared to be more powerful.

Calls to were not immediately returned.  Bahnhof, the Swedish Internet company that has been WikiLeaks’ main host, had no immediate comment on Tuesday.

In a typical denial-of-service attack, remote computers commandeered by rogue programs bombard a website with so many data packets that it becomes overwhelmed and unavailable to visitors.  Pinpointing the culprits is difficult.

WikiLeaks said the malicious traffic was coming in at 10 gigabits per second on Tuesday, which would make it a relatively large effort.  According to a study by Internet security company Arbor Networks, the average denial of service attack over the past year was 349 megabits per second, 28 times slower than the stream Wikileaks reported.

Sunday’s attack didn’t stop the publication of stories based on messages leaked from the U.S. State Department in several major newspapers.  WikiLeaks had given the media outlets prior access to the diplomatic cables to publish in conjunction with their Sunday release on its site.

The cables, many of them classified, offer candid, sometimes unflattering assessments of foreign leaders, ranging from U.S. allies such as Germany and Italy to other nations like Libya, Iran and Afghanistan.

Guess who?

Fox News is reporting that the US State Department cut off WikiLeaks.
WikiLeaks Abandoned By Corporate Backers reported in October, that WikiLeaks, a site that often makes the government of the United States (U.S.) growl, was finally abandoned by its corporate backers.  Lately, this site became famous for publishing secret documents about U.S. military activities in Afghanistan.  Loading the news has angered the White House and Pentagon.

The site also published the testimony of Iraq war veterans about the massacre by U.S. troops in Iraq.

Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks, accused the U.S. government was behind the termination of his relationship by Moneybookers.  However, CNN reported the U.S. government denied these allegations.  News closure itself was first published by a leading UK newspaper, The Guardian.

In his letter to CNN, Assange mentioned that Moneybookers gave information to the WikiLeaks about its decision in August 2010, shortly after the Pentagon asked for WikiLeaks revoke coverage of the military documents from its website.  WikiLeaks rejected the request, on the contrary, planned to load hundreds of additional files belong to the Pentagon this month.
Interpol Issues Wanted Notice For Julian Assange
The Guardian (UK) has published a copy of the Interpol wanted notice for Julian Assange.

The WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, is tonight facing growing legal problems around the world, with the US announcing that it was investigating whether he had violated its espionage laws.

Assange's details were also added to Interpol's worldwide wanted list.  Dated 30 November, the entry reads: "sex crimes" and says the warrant has been issued by the international public prosecution office in Gothenburg, Sweden.  "If you have any information contact your national or local police."  It reads: "Wanted: Assange, Julian Paul," and gives his birthplace as Townsville, Australia.

One would think that the investigative geniuses at Interpol would look here for a picture of this guy.
David Patten is still pointing at the U. S. State Department, and says:

Besieged by a barrage of WikiLeaks revelations, the State Department on Tuesday shut down all access to its secret government documents for fear that they could be stolen and posted on the Internet.

The move signaled increased concern over how a quarter-million sensitive diplomatic cables could be spirited away, apparently by a 22-year-old private first class who, according to the British Guardian newspaper, saved the data onto a Lady Gaga CD.

Knowledgeable foreign-policy experts found the disclosures to be rather pedestrian.  But the scope and breadth of the leaks, as well as the global diplomatic repercussions, sent the State Department reeling.

Spokesman [and Soros man] P.J. Crowley said the decision to block access to documents will continue until a fix can be found for what he termed "weaknesses in the system that have become evident because of this leak."

The scope of the security lapse is in some ways unprecedented.  The German Der Spiegel magazine wrote:

"Never before in history has a superpower lost control of such vast amounts of such sensitive information -- data that can help paint a picture of the foundation upon which U.S. foreign policy is built.

"Never before has the trust America's partners have in the country been as badly shaken.  Now, their own personal views and policy recommendations have been made public -- as have America's true views of them."

The State Department’s action will cut off access to files classified as "secret."  Ordinarily, some 3 million federal employees have access to them.

If other agencies follow suit, and the restrictions continue for an extended period, national security experts worry it could have profound implications in the war against terror.

For the first time, the leak indicates that the post-9/11 dictum of widespread intelligence sharing may leave the United States correspondingly more vulnerable to espionage and breaches of security.

"The whole post-911 mantra was the need to share, the need to share, the need to share," says Heritage Foundation foreign-policy expert James Carafano.  "All that is going to be great, until some share gives up to an al-Qaida operative all the intel he got from DHS.

"This was going to happen eventually.  The need to share is far more important than all the [intelligence] compromises."
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Patriotic "Hacktivist" Claims He Took Down Wikileaks Site
Yesterday Fox News was pointing at the U. S. State Department were behind the WikiLeak denial of service attacks.

This AM, Kristina Wong, is reporting that a computer hacker is claiming he temporarily disabled the Wikileak's site Sunday afternoon, right as the latest dump of leaked State Department memos were scheduled to publish on the site.

The site was down temporarily on Sunday, the same time the hacker began tweeting he had begun attacking it.

" -- TANGO DOWN -- for attempting to endanger the lives of our troops, 'other assets' & foreign relations," he tweeted late Sunday morning.

"Tango down" is a special forces military term for having eliminated a terrorist.

He goes by the Twitter handle "th3j35t3r", which is leetspeak for "The Jester."

On his website, th3j35t3r calls himself a "hacktivist for good."  A "hacktivist" -- a hacker-activist, supposedly hacks for a good cause.  His cause is preventing young people from being recruited online by jihadists.  He does this by hacking jihadist websites, and temporarily disabling them.

"PS for me personally WL is a sideshow target, I am more interested in the big jihad recruiting and training sites," he said Sunday in a direct message to ABC News via Twitter, referring to hacking the Wikileaks website.

Mikko Hypponen, chief research officer of global information technology security software vendor F-Secure, said today that he's familiar with The Jester.

"I don't know this guy, I've never met this guy, I've been running into his attacks because he is fairly visible unlike other attackers, because he documents his attacks, runs his own blog, also tries to explain his motives and reasoning behind the attack," he said.  "I've only seen him do denial of service attacks."

Hypponen said today that there's no proof that The Jester is behind the Wikileaks attack.  "But he's demonstrated the capability to do an attack like this.  He seems to have the motive against Wikileaks, and he claims he did it.  I don't think there is much reason to doubt that it was him."

"Wikileaks is being attacked right now, starting three hours ago, and The Jester is being silent so we don't know if the attacks are being done by him or someone else."

ABC News conducted an exclusive interview online with a person calling himself The Jester last month, during which he revealed details of how he takes down sites, and why he does it.

He says the reason he takes down jihadist websites is "multi-fold. A bbig thing is the fact that we waste billions on troops risking their lives in the field (hats off)" he writes.

"but the real threat now is the way they can radicalize 'normal' Muslims into doing awful stuff on their own countries ground..." he continues, "they can groom. recruit, train, and maneuver, home grown terrorists without ever having to meet them."

He says his aim was "initially to make those sites sporadically unavailable," yet he did not want to tread on the toes of countries' secret services.  He says he used an attack tool he developed, "XerXeS", which will "pull down a site at will."

He claims to be a former member of a special operations unit, but provided no details.  He says he has worked with U.S. forces, and has the "utmost respect for their conduct in the field."

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Obama Creates Post To Analyze Leaks
Matt Negrin is reporting that the Obama administration has created a position to investigate the gaps in security that led to the WikiLeaks release of diplomats' private conversations, the White House announced.

Russell Travers, the deputy director of the National Counterterrorism Center, will be the national security staff’s senior adviser for information access and security policy.  He will "lead a comprehensive effort to identify and develop the structural reforms needed in light of the Wikileaks breach," the White House said in a statement.

The White House also announced that the President’s Intelligence Advisory Board "will take an independent look at the means by which the Executive Branch as a whole shares and protects classified information."

Closing the barn door after the horse is gone.
Related:  The Independent has learnt that Scotland Yard has been in contact with Julian Assange's legal team for more than a month but is waiting for further instruction before arresting him on an Interpol warrant.  Police forces around the globe have been asked to arrest the enigmatic Wikileaks founder, who is wanted in Sweden to answer a series of sexual allegations against him.

But the 39-year-old Australian supplied the Metropolitan Police with contact details upon arriving in the UK in October.  Police sources confirmed that they have a telephone number for Mr. Assange and are fully aware of where he is staying.
We Could Have Stopped WikiLeaks

Pentagon press secretary says the Defense Department could have stopped WikiLeaks, but decided not to…
Let's Not Be Scared Of One Guy With A Laptop

Robert Gibbels attributes the largest security breach in American history to "one guy with a website" -- "one guy with a keyboard and laptop."

Don't you feel secure with these guys running the country?
WikiLeaks And The Coming Clash In The Middle East
Stephen Flurry is reporting that the latest round of U.S. Embassy cables released by WikiLeaks isn’t just embarrassing for the United States.  It’s a shameful and graphic display -- posted on a billboard for all the world to see -- of America’s irreversibly broken will.

As Lee Smith observed earlier this week, the most disturbing revelation made in the diplomatic papers "is the extent to which both the Bush and Obama administrations have concealed Iran’s war against the United States …" (emphasis mine throughout).

Try, if you can, to wrap your mind around that one.  Even as American soldiers are asked to sacrifice their lives in the war against terrorism, two U.S. presidents -- representing both political parties -- have been hard at work covering the tracks of the world’s number-one state sponsor of terror!

In October, when WikiLeaks released its last batch of secret documents, most of it coming from the Iraqi battlefield, the New York Times said it revealed how Iran’s military had "intervened aggressively" to support combatants fighting American troops.  Another Times piece noted that U.S. troops had discovered evidence of Iran’s role in training Iraqi militants and supplying militias with rockets, magnetic bombs and other weapons.

"The reports make it clear that the lethal contest between Iranian-backed militias and American forces continued after Obama sought to open a diplomatic dialogue with Iran’s leaders," the Times wrote.  Even as Iran continued its deadly assault on American troops, Obama worked to erase the Iranian connection.  Who can forget his Cairo speech, when he showered praise on the Iranian people and encouraged the mullahs to finish their nuclear power project?
Downplaying The WikiLeaks Disaster believes the Obama administration is minimizing the impact that publication of 251,000 stolen U.S. embassy cables will have on America's foreign relations.  Funny, that's not how our overseas partners see it.

Obama has yet to make a statement on the broadest U.S. security breach in history.  A few representatives have pleaded with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to halt his document dumps, but to no avail.  And now, with the drip-drip-drip of U.S. secrets in its fifth day, they're suddenly shifting to a coordinated message insisting it's really no big deal.

"I've heard the impact of these releases on our foreign policy described as a meltdown, as a game-changer, and so on," Defense Secretary Robert Gates said on Wednesday.  "I think those descriptions are fairly significantly overwrought."

Gates' press secretary, Geoff Morrell, suggested to Fox News' Megyn Kelly that the Pentagon did have the power to shut down the site but didn't because the cables were small potatoes.  "At the end of the day ... this creates some awkward and embarrassing situations for the United States government ... But it does not, at least over the long term, adversely impact America's power or prestige," he said.
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, whose agency was victimized, was just as unperturbed.  "I have not had any concerns expressed about whether any nation will not continue to work with and discuss matters of importance to us both going forward," she said, never considering what they might be saying in private.

Attorney General Eric Holder showed his indifference in another way -- by flying to Geneva to plead with FIFA soccer bureaucrats to bring the 2022 World Cup to the U.S. -- a gambit he later lost.

"We should never be afraid of one guy who plopped down $35 and bought a Web address," said White House spokesman Robert Gibbs, taking the cake for absurdity.  "Our foreign policy is stronger than that . .. . We're not scared of one guy, with one keyboard and a laptop."

On that logic, as wags from noted, atomic particles wouldn't worry him either, and Joseph Goebbels was merely a man with a microphone.

Continue reading here . . .
Obama Not Defending America
Flopping Aces has a pretty good video of Michael Scheuer, former intelligence officer for the CIA, on Bill O’Reilly discussing WikiLeaks and the reason why Obama hasn’t addressed the leaks:
O’Reilly -- So Doctor, were you surprised the President hasn’t said anything about WikiLeaks?

Scheuer -- No, I think the President has a pretty established, pretty good record of not talking about things that would defend America.  He and Holder have been very good at criticizing America about how we lost our moral compass.  He always has time to talk about some has been Burmese journalists and Chinese writers you never hear of but when it comes to defending America Bill he’s generally pretty quiet.

Bill goes on to note that Holder was sent out a few days ago to say all the usual stuff…"This is bad" and all that jazz. But why, when this President has known about WikiLeaks for months, has he done nothing?

Scheuer -- Well you have to assume, you don’t know what goes on inside someone's head, but somebody who acts or doesn’t act tells you clearly what he thinks.  The President, when the first announcement was made, that these things were going to be leaked, could of ordered the US military or the Central Intelligence Agency to destroy the website that Mr. Assange was going to use and prevent any leaks at all.

Why didn’t he?

Schuer -- I think he thinks it’s a first amendment issue when it’s really just a matter of trafficking in stolen material.  The President is clearly cheek by jowl with the ACLU, he doesn’t want to upset those people or the New York Times.  Somehow committing treason now has become protected by the first amendment.

Obama has done nothing about the leak while a superpower has lost the trust of its partners worldwide.  It has destroyed relationships needed by this country, put people’s lives in danger, and what do we get from this administration.


Related:  Former ambassador John Bolton tells National Review Online that he would charge Pfc. Bradley Manning with treason for sharing U.S. intelligence with WikiLeaks.  "I believe treason is still punishable by death and if he were found guilty, I would do it," Bolton says.
Time to Tear Down The Empire
Trevor Loudon says whatever the motivation of the WikiLeakers, the far left is using the leaks to motivate their base.

Andrea Pason and Billy Wharton are co-chairs of the Socialist Party USA.  They just published this statement in LINKS, an international Marxist journal run by the Australian Socialist Alliance.

The latest WikiLeaks revelations should be a call to action for all Americans.  It is time to tear down the empire that has been created in their name.  Two tasks are first and foremost.  We need to create a vibrant movement to end the wars being waged in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan.  No more occupations, no more military surges and no more drone attacks.  Simultaneously, we must demand that the prison facility at Guantanamo Bay be closed immediately.  Achieving such demands will open a political space to more directly challenge the centre of the military industrial complex by calling for an immediate reduction of the military budget by 50% and the closing of all US military bases abroad.

As democratic socialists, we imagine another society, where the great wealth this world produces is put to use to meet human needs.  Such a world would not need the secret cloak that covers the operations of the US empire.  It would, instead, be based on notions that seem very distant from our current reality -- democracy, free association and self-determination.  We think that democratic socialism holds the potential to live up to these lofty ideals.  Let the WikiLeaks disclosures provide the motivation for you to join in this struggle.

Whenever you want to know who is behind a project, look at who has most to gain.

The far left clearly has more to gain from Wikileaks, than do those who want to preserve freedom and the American republic.
Now, Here's A Surprise
Jim Hoft is reporting that Wikileaks documents show the Obama Administration used spying, threats and bribes to get support for Copenhagen Accord.

Good grief.  The Obama Administration used their Chicago-style street thug tactics to spy on and threaten countries who opposed the Copenhagen global warming junk science accord.

And, here we thought they reserved the use of their Alinsky-style tactics on opponents here at home.  Boy, were we wrong.

The Obama Administration spied on, threatened and bribed countries to support the Copenhagen Accord.  The accord would have devastated American business and manufacturing.

The Guardian reports:

Embassy dispatches show America used spying, threats and promises of aid to get support for Copenhagen accord

Hidden behind the save-the-world rhetoric of the global climate change negotiations lies the mucky realpolitik: money and threats buy political support; spying and cyberwarfare are used to seek out leverage.

The US diplomatic cables reveal how the US seeks dirt on nations opposed to its approach to tackling global warming; how financial and other aid is used by countries to gain political backing; how distrust, broken promises and creative accounting dog negotiations; and how the US mounted a secret global diplomatic offensive to overwhelm opposition to the controversial "Copenhagen accord," the unofficial document that emerged from the ruins of the Copenhagen climate change summit in 2009.

Negotiating a climate treaty is a high-stakes game, not just because of the danger warming poses to civilization but also because re-engineering the global economy to a low-carbon model will see the flow of billions of dollars redirected.

Seeking negotiating chips, the US state department sent a secret cable on 31 July 2009 seeking human intelligence from UN diplomats across a range of issues, including climate change.  The request originated with the CIA.  As well as countries’ negotiating positions for Copenhagen, diplomats were asked to provide evidence of UN environmental "treaty circumvention" and deals between nations.

But intelligence gathering was not just one way.  On 19 June 2009, the State Department sent a cable detailing a "spear phishing" attack on the office of the US climate change envoy, Todd Stern, while talks with China on emissions took place in Beijing.  Five people received emails, personalized to look as though they came from the National Journal.  An attached file contained malicious code that would give complete control of the recipient’s computer to a hacker.  While the attack was unsuccessful, the department’s cyber threat analysis division noted: "It is probable intrusion attempts such as this will persist."

The Beijing talks failed to lead to a global deal at Copenhagen.

It’s a good thing the US media is ignoring this story.  It might reflect poorly on the Obama Administration.

They certainly don’t want that to happen.
Is Obama Getting A Free Pass Over WikiLeaks?
Nile Gardiner says the Left would have bayed for Bush's blood if he was in the White House and these leaks happened.

It has undoubtedly been a hugely embarrassing few days on the world stage, not only for the Obama administration, but also for America.  The United States’ position as a superpower and the trust of important allies has been undermined by unscrupulous, America-hating figures with the aid and comfort of several major newspapers including The New York Times, Le Monde and The Guardian.

However the WikiLeaks scandal to date has not resulted in demonstrable consequences for Obama.  This despite the fact the Obama administration appears to have done little to halt the latest leak, even though this is the third unlawful disclosure of government documents this year.

The Obama team has been spectacularly caught napping by America’s enemies like a deer in the headlights.  As Marc Thiessen noted in a superb piece earlier this week:

Because of its failure to act, responsibility for the damage done by these most recent disclosures now rests with the Obama administration.  Perhaps this latest release crosses a line that will finally spur the administration to action.

Fortunately for Obama, the main focus of blame in the US media so far has not been directed at the failures of the White House or State Department, but upon the individual or individuals directly responsible for leaking information within the US government, as well as Julian Assange and his nefarious WikiLeaks organization.

Lawmakers on Capitol Hill will though be demanding swift and immediate action in the coming weeks to prevent future leaks.  There will certainly be Congressional hearings into the leaks, and the US administration’s handling of it, with both the House and Senate seeking answers to a massive security breach.  Should these hearings produce clear evidence the Obama administration was culpably negligent, the administration will then no longer enjoy the benefit of the doubt, and will suffer the political consequences it is due.

No such benefit of the doubt would have been accorded to the previous president of the United States, however.  Imagine what the response would have been if George W. Bush was president and not Barack Obama?  The Left would have been up in arms with pitchforks at the ready, demanding the resignation of his Secretary of State and key intelligence officials, and all but putting the administration on trial.

The WikiLeaks revelations would have perfectly suited the liberal elites’ silly caricature of Bush as a "cowboy" president, supposedly alienating the world while acting as the globe’s policeman.  The left-wing media would have queued up to denounce the Bush Administration as incompetent, lax with America’s security, and disparaging towards the rest of the world.  And as for the suggestion of spying on those dictator-friendly bureaucrats at the UN -- that would have led to an avalanche of liberal condemnation, and wall to wall coverage in the press.

Obama, on the other hand, has been given a free pass so far, and has not even felt the need to comment personally on this latest scandal, which happened directly on his watch.  Is there a blatant double standard which the Left, and the overwhelmingly liberal "mainstream" media, applies in the United States?  Absolutely.  And the WikiLeaks fiasco just further confirms it.
Keystone Kops Administration
Nile Gardiner asks, is this the Keystone Kops presidency?  Barack Obama needs to get serious about WikiLeaks.

The White House strategy so far has been to largely ignore WikiLeaks, and let Hillary Clinton and the State Department handle the fall-out from the debacle.  Obama hasn’t even commented publicly on the release of over a quarter of a million US diplomatic cables, despite the immense damage the leak is doing to American diplomacy and US strategic interests on the world stage.  He is giving all the appearance of a commander-in-chief who is not in control, with an inept administration that seems to blunder from one crisis to another, at times with no-one at the helm.

That’s surely going to have to change, with WikiLeaks now dramatically upping the stakes with the release of some extremely sensitive documents which will be exploited by terrorist groups across the world, including al-Qaeda.  As The Times has just reported:

WikiLeaks raised the stakes tonight in its battle with the United States with the release of a secret list of vaccine suppliers, mineral sources and pieces of infrastructure that Washington believes would harm US security if attacked.

Experts said the cable, published by the whistle-blower website as part of an unauthorized trove of diplomatic correspondence, was a gift for terrorist organizations wanting to harm the United States as it spelt out the pipelines, undersea cables and factories across the world -- including a number in Britain -- that would cause most damage to US interests if destroyed.

The WikiLeaks disclosures are not only embarrassing for Washington on the world stage -- they also pose a fundamental threat to the security of the United States and key allies including Great Britain.  And it’s the third time this year that the nefarious organization has dumped vast numbers of confidential US documents on the Internet with complete impunity, aided and abetted by The New York Times and several international newspapers.

It’s time for Obama to start showing some real leadership and responsibility in the face of a major threat to American interests, and treat the WikiLeaks issue as a top priority, rather than ignoring it as some kind of annoying sideshow.  Barack Obama needs to personally outline to the American people how his administration is going to prevent future leaks, and deliver a pledge to do all he can to hunt down Julian Assange and his accomplices and bring them to justice.  Obama must let America’s enemies know there are consequences for their actions, and demonstrate that the world’s superpower will act against them, not least as a warning to others who seek to emulate their actions.  As Charles Krauthammer put it in a superb piece last week in The Washington Post:

Want to prevent this from happening again? Let the world see a man who can’t sleep in the same bed on consecutive nights, who fears the long arm of American justice… it would be nice if people like Assange were made to worry every time they go out in the rain.

Related:  WikiLeaks Ready to Release Giant "Insurance File" if Shut Down

Related:  Julian Assange calls for anarchy, complete removal of US "chain of command" including Obama

Related:  Wikileaks identifies key US security sites around the world

Related:  US forced to shake up embassies around the world after WikiLeaks revelations

Obama's laissez-faire approach is demonstrated by the fact that Assange is publicly holding a gun to Obama's head, and Obama doesn't respond, even when Assange calls for Obama's removal.

If Obama cared as much for America's secrets as he does his own, this never would have happened.
Barack Hussein Assange
Rush Limbaugh: Hey, did you see that the femi-WikiLeaks guy, Julian Assange has called for the resignation of Obama?  Well, it just goes to show there's good in everybody.  Greetings, folks, nice to have you.  El Rushbo and the Excellence in Broadcasting Network.  Merry Christmas, happy holidays and all of that, looking forward to talking to you on the phones today.  800-282-2882 is the number if you want to be on the program.  E-mail address,

Julian Assange is now promising to release files.  If we nab him, if we arrest the guy he's got some encrypted stuff out there that's not redacted, he'll flood the world with it, and some of these files supposedly will list the factories and sites that are essential to our national defense so as to make them easier targets for terrorists.  Now, to think there are still some people who don't realize his entire purpose is to bring down America's standing in the world.  In fact, I think we ought to call him Barack Hussein Assange because they have some things that they share in common.  But, stop and think of this now.  Look at all these State Department cables.  These are the people who want to digitize our health records.  These are the people telling us they will not leak any of the nude photos they take with the scanners at the airports, and we can't even keep track of our own State Department stuff.  Well, he can't flood the world if his servers are down everywhere.  These things are already out there on people's computers.  All he's gotta do is release the encryption key and the encryption key ostensibly is 256 characters, making it veritably impossible to check.

All right, WikiLeaks.  WikiLeaks.  Did you notice something?  Up until recently, this WikiLeaks guy was a "whistleblower."  Julian Assange was a whistleblower.  But now?  Now that some of these leaks involve Hillary and the fraud that was global warming, now this guy is not a whistleblower.  He's a muckraker.  He's a guided missile!  You know what the real downfall of this is gonna be?  There's gonna be a tightening on Internet freedom.  You watch.  Because of this, somebody in this regime is gonna propose tightening down on regulations and "net neutrality" is gonna come along and so forth.  That's gonna be the upshot of all this.  It's not a good thing.

But I want to know, in addition to all these stories that we're getting now about Hillary and spying on UN people -- which, by the way, is the job of people at the UN.  It's the job of nations to spy on each other.  The Soviet Embassy in Washington is in the highest part of this city with the best antennas.  The Soviets... (chuckles) I'll tell you a little story, to show you.  Back in 1986 or '87, when I was in Sacramento, they were frustrated that I didn't do guests on my show.  So they sent me to Washington for a week to do guests.  I did the program out of the ABC Bureau on DeSales Street right across the street from the Mayflower Hotel.  I was scheduled to have Vitaly Churkin, who was a Soviet spy who routinely appeared on Nightline.

He worked at the embassy and so forth.  I called him and I made the arrangements.  Then the night before the interview I start talking to the ceiling in my hotel room, begging him not to cancel (laughing), knowing full well that he was listening in on my room and the Soviet embassy was spying on me.  We spy, too.  That's just what they do.  That's what the UN is for.  If we're not spying on those thugs then there's no reason to go there.  So this is not news, but it doesn't look good.  You know, Mrs. Clinton is in the process of rehabbing her image here.  You know, from the Nurse Ratched days she's rehabbing -- and now all of a sudden she's a spy?  Liberals don't like that, and now "climate change" we're finding out how bogus the whole thing always was.

So now they're really gunning for the Julian Assange guy.  All of a sudden they don't like this guy.  What I want to know is where are the WikiLeaks documents to prove that 9/11 was an inside job by George Bush and Dick Cheney?  Let me ask you liberals: Where are these cables?  Where?  I mean, if Julian Assange was worth his salt, why didn't he produce that?  Produce all this stuff that you kooks believe!  Where are the documents that prove Bush intentionally lied about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq in order to invade the country?  Where is the WikiLeaks document -- the State Department cable, whatever -- that Rove leaked Valerie Plame's name to the media?  Where's all this good stuff?

Where is...?  I want to ask this to the Reverend Jackson: Where are the WikiLeaks cables proving that the CIA invented AIDS?  Where is Obama's birth certificate?  Where's the real good stuff?  How about all the hundreds of other left-wing lies we've been hearing about for years?  WikiLeaks is covering up for the United States?  I got a kick out of this lead paragraph from the AP concerning the WikiLeaks stuff. "Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton knows how to try to get a laugh from a public embarrassment."  (laughing) I'll say she does.  (laughing) She's been doing it for decades!  (laughing)  The headline is: "Clinton Uses WikiLeaks Disclosures to Draw a Laugh."  Well, she's got plenty of experience in that!  I don't know, I just get a kick out of all this stuff.

Where's all the good stuff?

This Assange guy is just not worth his salt.

"Where is Obama's birth certificate?  Where's the real good stuff?" -- Rush has been asking this question a lot lately.

If we want to keep our nation's secrets "SECRET," store them where Obama stores his birth certificate, and his college and medical records.
Desperate Obama Steps up WikiLeaks Damage Control
Barack Obama told Turkish and Mexican leaders on Saturday that WikiLeaks' actions were "deplorable" as the U.S. administration kept up damage control efforts over the website's embarrassing release of masses of secret U.S. cables.

In Obama's separate calls with Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Mexican President Felipe Calderon, the leaders all agreed that WikiLeaks' campaign would not harm their countries' ties with Washington, the White House said.

The leaks touching on U.S. relations in virtually every part of the world have threatened to increase tensions with allies, spurring U.S. officials to seek to prevent foreign friends from reducing engagement on sensitive matters.

Documents relating to Turkey showed U.S. diplomats casting doubt on the reliability of their NATO ally and portraying its leadership as divided.

In Obama's call to Erdogan on Saturday, the two discussed "the enduring importance of the U.S.-Turkish partnership and affirmed their commitment to work together on a broad range of issues," the White House said.

"The president expressed his regrets for the deplorable action by WikiLeaks and the two leaders agreed that it will not influence or disrupt the close cooperation between the United States and Turkey," it said.

Obama made similar comments to Calderon, which the U.S. leader used to praise his Mexican counterpart for the outcome of an international climate change conference in Cancun.

"The presidents also underscored the importance of the U.S.-Mexico partnership across a broad range of issues," the White House said.  "The presidents discussed the deplorable actions by WikiLeaks and agreed its irresponsible acts should not distract our two countries from our important cooperation."

According to State Department documents made public by WikiLeaks, a top Mexican official said the government was in danger of losing control of parts of the country to powerful drug cartels.

Obama is kissing up to Erdogan because his own government portrays Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan as a power-hungry Islamist surrounded by corrupt and incompetent ministers.

Just imagine how Obama's call went -- "Hey Tayyip, brother, you know we're both of the same mind.  Don't pay any attention to Hillary's State Department people.  You know I got your back."

And, there's no reason to kiss Calderon's ass.  Obama's idiot Homeland Security chief just gave 84 million Mexicans "
trusted traveler" cards allowing them to bypass airport security.  Bet you don't have one.

While Napolitano was in Mexico finalizing the trusted traveler agreement this week, she also took the opportunity to sign a "letter of intent" to develop a plan for protecting immigrants from criminal attacks as they cross the border -- illegally -- into the U.S.

Sounds like Napolitano is promising to force American law enforcement agencies to facilitate the Mexican invasion.

What a country!  Why shouldn't the leaders of Turkey and Mexico agree that WikiLeaks' campaign would not harm their countries' ties with Washington -- Obama's giving them everything they ask for -- and more.
Is Barack Obama In Bed With Julian Assange?
Joan Swirsky says the fanatical hard Left -- those communists, socialists, and radicals currently in power -- view anything that is bad for our country -- massive Intelligence leaks, disastrous oil spills, escalating unemployment, chaos on our borders, military setbacks, et al -- as a thundering success.  To them, anything that undermines the United States brings them closer to their Grand Plan of toppling Big Bad America and transforming it into the kind of totalitarian Banana Republic they never tire of glamorizing.

That's why it is clear to me that the potential damage from the Australian-born Julian Assange's release of 250,000 classified State Department and Pentagon cables on November 28 -- and an equal number last July -- is part not only of this Australian's wish to harm our country but also the American Left's premeditated and malevolent plan to destroy America.  And let us not forget that Assange's assault began in April 2010 with nearly 80,000 documents "dumped" for public consumption, as well as another 400,000 that the Marxist Assange released in October 2010 -- all of which he claims are just the tip of the iceberg.

Clearly Assange is delighted that his leaks have gained international attention.  And so delighted are the Russians with his anti-American raison d'être that they suggested he be rewarded with a Nobel Prize!

It is obvious that Obama is pleased as well.  Hence the complete lack of reaction or sanction not only from Attorney General Eric Holder, who seems never to have met a thug he didn't like, but especially from Obama himself, who to this day cannot bring himself to speak out against Assange.

In an article entitled The lunatic who thinks he's Barack Obama, Spengler writes: "Napoleon was a Lunatic who thought he was Napoleon, and the joke applies to the 44th United States president with a vengeance.  What doesn't Obama know, and when didn't he know it?  American foreign policy turned delusional when Barack Obama took office, and the latest batch of leaks suggests that the main source of the delusion is sitting in the Oval Office."

As for Holder, writer Quin Hillyer elaborates at length in this must-read article on the AG, stating that "the Obama Department of Justice is dangerously politicized, radically leftist, racialist, lawless, and at times corrupt.  The good news is that it's also often incompetent."

As author and journalist Austin Bay has written: "WikiLeaks harms the US.  But the president's refusal to acknowledge the threats we face is a bigger danger."  Bay calls Obama's response "weak, wrong-headed and erratic.

"...His secretary of state does not comprehend that America is the subject of the attack, his department of defense is not interested in defending us, and the president himself seems utterly indifferent to the whole affair. All of this underscores the real problem. It is not WikiLeaks that ultimately imperils our national security, but the failing Obama administration, which ignores the nature and extent of threats we face, and which is too often unwilling to act to thwart them."

Bay's comments echo those made by Australian Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd, who commented to Reuters that it is "not WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange [who is] legally liable, but rather the questionable "adequacy" of U.S. security.

Well far be it for the man who has spent his entire tenure at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue to be at all displeased that the WikiLeaks revelations cast our country in the worst possible light. For the past 24 months, after all, he has been:

•  Apologizing for America.
•  Denying her exceptionalism.
•  Undermining our military, as reporter Arnie Rosner describes here in detail.
•  Suing Arizona for simply upholding federal immigration law.
•  Kowtowing to and cozily fist-bumping our country's enemies.
•  Being as incapable of saluting Congressional Medal of Honor recipient Staff Sergeant Salvatore Giunta at a recent White House ceremony as he has been at saluting the American flag on numerous occasions, just two examples here and here.
•  And enacting, as Ben Lieberman chillingly describes, job-killing measures in industries that are the lifeblood of our country, but that he and his fellow environmental radicals revile: oil exploration, factory manufacturing, mining, and fishing
But all this is not surprising, as a new book by Stanley Kurtz -  Radical-in-Chief: Barack Obama and the Untold Story of American Socialism - demonstrates.

Like a rotten fish, the reaction to the whole WikiLeaks thing stinks -- as they say -- from the head, meaning not only Obama but also his Capo di Tutti Capi, George Soros, whose major role in the political lives of both Hillary and Obama and their historically toxic anti-American agendas has been brilliantly, rivetingly, and illuminatingly spelled out in exquisite detail in The Shadow Party: How George Soros, Hillary Clinton, and Sixties Radicals Seized Control of the Democratic Party by David Horowitz and Richard Poe.

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