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Obama is a wrist-slapper.

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Crime and Punishment
Obama doesn't talk much about his views on crime and punishment -- at least not in front of general audiences -- and for good reason.

While his Web site says he's "a strong proponent of tougher measures to fight crime," his record tells a different story.

As an Illinois state senator, for example, he acted more as a friend to criminals than to cops, legislating among other things:

• Curbs on what he called a "broken" death penalty system.

• A measure to expunge some criminal records and give job grants to ex-cons.

• Tougher handgun controls.

• A vote against making gang members eligible for the death penalty if they kill someone to help their gang.

• Opposition to a bill requiring juveniles to be prosecuted as adults for firing a gun at or near a school.

At the federal level, Obama would:

• Repeal "unfair" mandatory sentences for crack convictions.

• Provide drug counseling instead of jail time for some abusers.

• Rethink criminal penalties for pot.

• Ban profiling by federal law enforcement, even if it helps catch violent criminals including terrorists.

• Strengthen hate-crime laws and beef up civil rights enforcement against police chiefs who profile.

• Provide job training, drug rehab and counseling for ex-cons.

• "Re-enfranchise" felons denied the right to vote.

In addition, Obama, who once vowed to repeal the Patriot Act, still talks about reforming it.  He also once proposed banning executions of inmates, arguing he was against capital punishment.

It's not clear where Obama stands on the issue now, but he does think death row and the entire U.S. penal system are stacked against blacks.  While so far only alluding to racism as the culprit, his mentor Rev. Jeremiah Wright minces no words in blaming "racist white America."

"The brothers are in prison" largely because of their skin color, he claims.

And a racist white majority put them there, he believes, by "structuring an economic environment that induces captive youth to fill the jails and prisons."

In Wright's conspiracy, personal responsibility plays no role.  This is the same adviser who told Obama that there are "more black men in prison than in college" -- a statement that Obama parroted until he was told that it was false.

Unfortunately, Obama listens to his preacher and buys into his conspiracy theories.  "In our criminal justice system, African-Americans and whites are arrested at very different rates," Obama recently complained.  "It has to do with how we pursue racial justice."

He vows to pursue it with gusto, unleashing civil rights cops on police chiefs and district attorneys who dare to arrest and prosecute criminals who happen to be of color.

In last Tuesday's speech explaining his ties to Wright, he reiterated his desire to do more to enforce civil rights laws.

He cites the Jena Six case as an example of racial injustice.  But one of the thugs he defends as a victim of Louisiana racism recently was arrested again for assault.  The 6-6 Bryant Purvis allegedly choked and slammed a classmate's head on a table after helping five other blacks beat a white student within an inch of his life.

Would Obama go soft on such brutal crime in the name of racial equality?  No justice, no peace?  Obama for now speaks only in code, saying he'll fix "a criminal justice system that's broken."  But how exactly is it broken?  And who would he appoint to help fix it?

Who will he pick as his attorney general?  His top civil rights cop?  Is his pal Rep. John Conyers on the short list?  Rep. Keith Ellison?

What about federal judges?  Will they be frustrated social workers who go easy on criminals to "reintegrate" them into society?

More important, what kind of justices does Obama have in mind to replace aging veterans on the high court, who decide the constitutionality of capital punishment cases?

We shudder to think.
More Crime And Punishment

His political history in Illinois shows that Obama has proven himself to be a nearly perfect Progressive-Democrat.

While in the Illinois State Senate, Obama is named Chairman of the Health and Human Services Committee.  His distinguished works include passing bill to assist children and adults who cannot afford health insurance; increasing funding for AIDS prevention and care; a law requiring police to videotape interrogations for crimes punishable by the death penalty; a law requiring insurance companies to cover routine mammograms; legislation to curb racial profiling.

Obama opposed the Born Alive Infant Protection Act four times in Illinois.  The Born Alive bill would have prohibited a baby from being born alive but left to die according to the mother's wishes.  Obama opposed this bill not once, twice, or three times, but four times.
Obama took almost $90,000 in bundled contributions from the Council for a Livable World.  The council is a well-known anti-defense organization.
Obama puts rigid ideology before what's best for the people of Illinois, and presumably he would do that as President as well.  He has on several occasions made public his opposition to the NAFTA trade agreement and his belief that it must be negotiated.  All the while thanks to NAFTA, Illinois exports $1.3 billion in agricultural goods to Canada.
Obama was the only member of the Illinois State Senate to vote against a bill that prohibited early release for sexual predators.

Obama voted to make a criminal out of a homeowner who was forced to use a gun in his own defense in his own home.

Obama refused to vote for a bill in the Illinois State Senate that would have increased penalties for drug traffickers.

Obama voted against making it a criminal offense for convicts on probation or on bail to have contact with a street gang.

Obama voted against a bill that would have delivered the death penalty to gang members who murder first responders.
Obama's record on anti-gang legislation is simple; because gang members are more often people of color, they shouldn't be singled out for increased attention or special penalties by the law.

An Avalanche Of Obama Investigations Announced

Ben Johnson says the last 24 hours have provided an explosion of new investigations into the Obama administration and its allies.  National Review‘s Andrew McCarthy has called for Republicans to investigate the Justice Department’s racial discrimination.  The FBI and the Labor Department announced today they are investigating Andrew Stern, the head of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), for financial improprieties.  Rep. Jim Clyburn, D-SC, is warning fellow Democrats that a new Republican Congress will investigate Barack Obama’s birth certificate and eligibility.  Lt. Col. Robert "Buzz" Patterson told NewsMax that Obama bundler Jodie Evans could (and should) be tried for treason.  And Rep. James Sensenbrenner, R-WI, today considered keeping open a House select committee to investigate Climategate.  (Rep. Darrell Issa also pledged to investigate this and many other crimes in the new year.)  At a minimum, this confluence of coverage demonstrates the gravity of the charges and abundance of the need for increased scrutiny and potential legal action.


The investigation of the former SEIU president cuts particularly close to the Obama White House.  Andrew Stern is a former New Leftist who spent $5 million of SEIU union dues to buy into George Soros’ Democracy Alliance and later took a seat on the executive council of Americans Coming Together (ACT), Soros’ get-out-the-vote organ.  (Journalists recently learned that ACT, which allegedly closed its doors in 2005, is still open and paid $775,000 in "civil fees" after Ralph Nader filed a Federal Election Commission complaint of dirty tricks in the ’04 election.)  SEIU donated at least $27.8 million to Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign, and in return Stern visited the White House more than any other person.  Obama, in turn, appointed SEIU lawyer Craig Becker to head the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB).  Stern remains a member of Obama’s deficit reduction commission.


When Stern announced in April he was suddenly stepping down as SEIU president, no one knew why.  Today’s announcement that the FBI and Labor Department are looking into his finances seems to clear up the mystery.  The AP reported agents questioned Stern in May and June about a $175,000 advance he received from 2006 Simon & Schuster for his book "A Country That Works," which may have been illegally fact-checked and promoted at SEIU expense.  Given Obama’s long and intimate relationship with the union itself and Stern specifically, one wonders if the president had any knowledge of the dealings -- and if he gave Stern the heads-up to quit the union before the investigation broke wide open.


Jodie Evans is less concerned with helping herself to forced union dues than in excusing Muslims who kill U.S. soldiers.  In April 2008, Ralph Nader’s Public Citizen revealed that Evans has bundled "at least $50,000" in donations for Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign.  She and her college student son both donated the maximum $2,300 allowed by law to Barack Obama.  Evans is a co-founder of Code Pink.  I was the first journalist to report that Evans and Code Pink delivered more than $600,000 in cash and supplies to "the other side" in Fallujah in December 2004.  Several Congressmen -- all far-Left Democrats -- signed diplomatic letters facilitating their journey to the recent battlefield and terrorist stronghold: Sen. Barbara Boxer, Rep. Henry Waxman, Rep. Dennis Kucinich, and Rep. Raul Grijalva.  Evans had provided aid and comfort to the enemy before.  Shortly after the Iraq war began, she and several other radicals established the International Occupation Watch in Baghdad with the explicit goal of getting U.S. soldiers to declare themselves conscientious objectors so they would be sent home and the armed forces would collapse.  One of the members of her advisory committee, Tariq Ali, wrote at the time, "There, it is to be hoped that the invaders of Iraq will eventually be harried out of the country by a growing national reaction to the occupation regime they install, and that their collaborators may meet the fate of Nuri Said before them."  In August 2006, Jodie Evans joined 11 others in a Code Pink-sponsored trip to meet Iraqi "political leaders," an action one team member called a "diplomatic communication."  Such a trip is potentially illegal, violating the prohibition for private citizens to conduct their own foreign policy.  During the trip, Evans met a host of local pro-terror activists, including Sheikh Ahmad al-Kubaysi, who once stated those who fight American soldiers "are guaranteed Paradise."


Evans does not merely support others who want to kill American soldiers; she justifies the slaughter herself.  In a June 2008 radio interview, she agreed Osama bin Laden had "a valid argument" for attacking the United States on 9/11.  In the same interview, she likened military recruiting centers to "liquor stores and porn shops."  She claimed the American people "must begin by really standing with the Iraqi people and defending their right to resist," including by force of arms.  Finally, she blurted out: "You’re right! We were trying to undermine the war effort!"


I wrote at the time candidate Obama should return the cash.  Instead, he returned the favor.  Evans visited Obama appointee Buffy Wicks in the White House on June 19, 2009.  That such an individual is welcome in the seat of government exposes how ideologically polarized, extremist, and corrupt the present regime is.


These are but two of many Obama scandals desperately in need of investigation.  The Black Panthers case, the Joe Sestak scandal, the firing of Gerald Walpin, the use of taxpayer-funded covert government propaganda, and many other crimes all need to be exposed and removed from our body politic.


Legal sunlight will be the best disinfectant.  As today’s cascade of investigations prove, when it rains it pours.


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