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Molotov Cocktail In Philadelphia
CBS' Philly 57 News is reporting that Philadelphia Police are investigating the discovery of a Molotov cocktail along with anti-Israeli-pro-Palestinian books and documentation, along with an Arabic dictionary inside a Center City parking garage.

The discovery was made at about 2:00 p.m. Wednesday inside a garage located at Callowhill and N. 16th Streets.  The garage is in close proximity to the office of the Department of Homeland Security and the Immigration and Customs Enforcement offices.

Police initially responded to a report of a man sleeping next to a suspicious device in the office of the parking garage.  "Before the police arrived, the male left the property.  He left behind the Molotov cocktail and literature," Captain Dennis Wilson explained.

"It looks like a Molotov cocktail, some sort of accelerant in a bottle, sealed top, with a fuse," Captain Wilson said.

Captain Wilson said they know exactly who the individual is because he left behind his laptop and his identification.  The incident remains under police investigation.
Are These Guys Serious Or Delirious
Democratic strategists Wednesday asserted Barack Obama "has been far more aggressive in fighting al Qaeda" than the previous administration .

In an e-mail this afternoon to supporters -- which incidentally excoriated Republicans for politicizing the attempted bombing of Flight 253 -- the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) stressed it was President George W. Bush, not his successor, who relegated the fight against the terrorist network to the back burner by turning "its focus from al Qaeda to Iraq."

More "it's Bush's fault."  What a bunch of miserable incompetents.  These guys know how to steal an election, but they haven't got a clue about governing.

Regarding the basic claim, "Obama 'has been far more aggressive in fighting al Qaeda,'" the DCCC, like Obama, has tunnel-vision and believes the only place al-Qaeda is, is in Af/Pak -- evidently they  never heard of al-Qaeda in Iraq -- they're all dead now -- Bush killed them -- or al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula -- or al-Qaeda in the Maghreb -- or worse, HERE -- and Obama and the DCCC barely acknowledge the simple fact -- al-Qaeda is everywhere.

Obama, and his crowd, won't even acknowledge that we're engaged in a war of survival.
Obama's Dangerous Denial
Janet Napolitano -- former Arizona governor, now overmatched secretary of homeland security -- will forever be remembered for having said of the attempt to bring down an airliner over Detroit: "The system worked."  The attacker's concerned father had warned U.S. authorities about his son's jihadist tendencies.  The would-be bomber paid cash and checked no luggage on a transoceanic flight.  He was nonetheless allowed to fly, and would have killed 288 people in the air alone, save for a faulty detonator and quick actions by a few passengers.

Heck of a job, Brownie.


The reason the country is uneasy about the Obama administration's response to this attack is a distinct sense of not just incompetence but incomprehension.  From the very beginning, Obama has relentlessly tried to play down and deny the nature of the terrorist threat we continue to face.  Napolitano renames terrorism "man-caused disasters."   Obama goes abroad and pledges to cleanse America of its post-9/11 counterterrorist sins.  Hence, Guantanamo will close, CIA interrogators will face a special prosecutor, and Khalid Sheik Mohammed will bask in a civilian trial in New York -- a trifecta of political correctness and image management.


And just to make sure even the dimmest understand, Obama banishes the term "war on terror."  It's over -- that is, if it ever existed.


Obama may have declared the war over.  Unfortunately, al-Qaeda has not.  Which gives new meaning to the term "asymmetric warfare."


And produces linguistic -- and logical -- oddities that littered Obama's public pronouncements following the Christmas Day attack.  In his first statement, Obama referred to Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab as "an isolated extremist."  This is the same man who, after the Fort Hood, Tex., shooting, warned us "against jumping to conclusions" -- code for daring to associate the mass murder there with Nidal Hasan's Islamist ideology.  Yet, with Abdulmutallab, Obama jumped immediately to the conclusion, against all existing evidence, that the would-be bomber acted alone.


More jarring still were Obama's references to the terrorist as a "suspect" who "allegedly tried to ignite an explosive device."  You can hear the echo of FDR: "Yesterday, December 7, 1941 -- a date which will live in infamy -- Japanese naval and air force suspects allegedly bombed Pearl Harbor."

Obama reassured the nation that this "suspect" had been charged.  Reassurance? Obama should be saying: We have captured an enemy combatant -- an illegal combatant under the laws of war: no uniform, direct attack on civilians -- and now to prevent future attacks, he is being interrogated regarding information he may have about al-Qaeda in Yemen.

Instead, Abdulmutallab is dispatched to some Detroit-area jail and immediately lawyered up.  At which point -- surprise! -- he stops talking.


Continue reading Charles Krauthammer here . . .


Whether it's denial or running interference has yet to be determined.

Rocket Launcher Found In Houston Apartment

Police went to a southwest Houston apartment to break up a disturbance but ended up finding an AT-4, shoulder-mounted rocket launcher.  It can shoot a missile nearly 1,000 feet through buildings and tanks.

The woman tenant told police that the rocket launcher belonged to Nabilaye I. Yansane, someone whom she allowed to store items at her apartment.  According to court documents, officers also found jihadist writings that allegedly belonged to Yansane.



Did you know the Crotch Bomber spent some time in Houston before he went on his jihad?  Debbie Schlussel places him in Houston in 2008.  He attended seminars in "Islamic Studies" at the Al-Maghrib Institute there.  Schlussel says, "You can bet this outfit is extremist."  Might even have helped him out and had some tight connections with his Qaeda buddies in Yemen.


Sclussel has  checked out the school, the Al-Maghrib Institute, and itís clearly extremistĖpure Sunni extremism and hate.  For those unfamiliar with the niceties (or, more appropriately, the not-niceties) of Islam, Maghrib (also Magreb) is the sunset prayer in Islam, the fourth out of five prayers in the day for Muslims.


It is tied to the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), the extremist organization that Bush administration members visited and spoke to.  In case you forgot, like CAIR, ISNA was also an unindicted co-conspirator in funding HAMAS terrorism, as noted in the Holy Land Foundation trial.


The Al-Maghrib site notes that its students "sponsored 96 orphans" -- a/k/a the children of terrorist martyrs.  Or sometimes there arenít even those, and itís just a straight out front funding terrorism.  In this case, you can bet on that, since they sponsored the "orphans" through Islamic Relief, a HAMAS/Al-Qaeda charity.


Continue reading here . . .


From a second source:  A cursory background investigation into Nabilaye I. Yansane, 39, (DOB October 7, 1970), a resident of the Bellaire Wood Apartments, 5414 Elm Street, Houston, Texas, found recent unrelated brushes with the law, including a misdemeanor charge of possession of a prohibited weapon accompanied by a drug possession charge-both filed on October 5, 2009.  The drug possession charge was dismissed, while the weapons charge was adjudicated.

The misdemeanor charges notwithstanding, further investigation conducted over the last several days with area residents familiar with YANSANE indicates a possible "connection" with the Al-Maghrib Institute in Houston, an Islamic center located less than 6 miles from his home.  According to two area residents, Yansane might have some level of involvement with the Institute, participating in classes or events at that location within the past year.


Oh, about that rocket launcher -- prosecutors said there are no state charges for having the unarmed launcher or possessing jihadist writings, unless they contain some type of threat -- and, get this -- Houston police said they did a thorough investigation and did not find any ties to terrorists or a terrorist network.

Yawn!  Nothing to see here.  Move on.


Good thing this guy was a Muslim, Holder burned down the Branch Davidian compound for less.

Obama Aids The Enemy He Will Not Name
Pamela Geller opines:  White House National Security Adviser James Jones warned, Americans would feel "a certain shock" after reading the report on the Islamic jihadist who hid bombs in his crotch and tried to blow up Northwest Flight 253 in Detroit on Christmas Day.  Well, I was shocked.

The loudest (deafening, actually) part of Obama's remarks Thursday on the war on the West is what he didn't say.  Not once in Obama's self-aggrandizing speech on the Muslim Christmas bomber did he ever mention jihad or Islam -- and that is who we are at war with.  To say that al-Qaeda alone is the enemy is just more obfuscation and deception.  It's bureaucratic boilerplate.

Imagine, if you will, during, say, World War II, if the Axis press accounts of Allied military operations refused to use the word America or United States.

For example, a D-Day report would go like this:  On June 6, 1944, nearly 160,000 Iowans, New Yorkers, Jerseyans, Alaskans, Texans, and some black and white folks landed along a 50-mile stretch of heavily-fortified sandy coastline to fight Nazi Germany on the beaches of Normandy, France.  More than 5,000 ships and 13,000 aircraft filled with all kinds of people supported the D-Day invasion, and by day's end, Floridians had gained a foothold in Normandy.

Obama would speak only about "al-Qaeda."

Al-Qaeda is a manifestation of devout Islam.  Just as Hamas, Hezb'allah, al-Muhajiroun, the Armed Islamic Group, the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, MILF, CAIR, ISNA, Fatah, the Muslim Brotherhood, al-Gama'a al-Islamiyya, the Armed Islamic Group of Algeria -- it is Islam -- and by refusing to name the enemy, Obama has perpetrated yet another devastating attack on American security.

He is by far the most secretive and opaque man we have ever had the bad judgment to elect.  While Obama and his gang of thieves hide behind closed doors to pass secret health care legislation that will enslave Americans under the Stalin-like propaganda chimera of "reform," he has opened to our mortal enemies a veritable treasure trove of intelligence.

On December 29, and very much under the radar, (he was sunnin' and funnin' in Hawaii at the time), Obama declassified just about everything he possibly could.  All of it will help foreign governments and Obama's Communist-Socialist associates in the U.S.  This executive order is a tsunami info-dump of newly declassified data -- material that was classified before June 29, 1985.  It is all about to be made public -- despite the danger this poses to U.S. national security -- 180 days from the signing of the Executive Order.

The age of the documents doesn't automatically diminish the national security risk.  Many of the individuals and organizations this material will cover are still very much with us, and Obama's new regulations also make it tougher to classify documents.  "When determining to originally classify information, if there is significant doubt about the need to classify the information, it shall not be classified."  Why not err on the side of caution, especially in a time of war?

The new rules stipulate that "information in permanently historically valuable records exempted from automatic declassification at 25 years must be declassified at 50 years unless it concerns: a confidential human source, a human intelligence source, or key design concepts of weapons of mass destruction."  Reassured?  Don't be.  The definition of "weapons of mass destruction" has also been changed so as to allow for the declassification of more documents.

Obama will also establish a new National Declassification Center (NDC), whose job will be to "streamline declassification processes. ...Obama has committed the NDC to process over 400 million records by 2013 and so this center will be very large scale in nature."

Worst of all, the new regulations specifically describe processes by which "classified information originating in one agency may be disseminated by any other agency to which it has been made available" to foreign governments.

Imagine:  We can't see health care legislation, but our enemies can see...everything from twenty-five years ago.  This breach of national security is a treacherous act, a gift to our enemies, and fodder for a propaganda press.

Imagine such an action in a time of war, but since Obama won't even say who we're at war against, it isn't surprising.
Obama Whitewashes Islamic Jihad
Joseph Klein says the new buzz phrase in the Obama administration to describe our fight against radical Islamic terrorism is "countering violent extremism."  Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair used the catch-phrase twice in a speech he delivered yesterday.

Notice that there is no reference to the source of most of the terrorist "violent extremism" around the world today -- radical Islam.  This "soft power approach" is deliberately designed to avoid offending the Muslim world -- an extension of Obamaís apologia last June in Cairo during which he told Muslims how sorry the United States was for all of the supposed wrongs we committed against them.

It is also forbidden in Obama-land to use the term "jihad" to describe the Islamic ideology we are fighting.  Last year John Brennan, Obamaís top counterterrorism adviser, said it was inappropriate to use "jihad" in such a negative context because in the Islam religion, he claims, jihad means "to purify oneself or to wage a holy struggle for a moral goal."

But when one examines the real meaning of jihad according to Islamís prophet Muhammad from primary sources such as Bukhari (the Hadith, which are oral traditions relating to the words and deeds of Muhammad), Brennanís assertion is overwhelmingly disproved.  The fact is that 97% of the jihad references are about war and 3% concern an inner struggle.  Also, the Koran itself is full of hate-filled violent passages.

The Obama administration is helping to whitewash the words and deeds of the radical Islamistsí own warrior prophet, which these mass murderers of innocent civilians use today to justify their jihad of terror.

Laura Ingraham, who filled in for Bill OíReilly on "The Factor" last night, minced no words in piercing through this semantical, politically correct nonsense.  Her guest, Nancy Soderberg (who served in the Clinton administration, including as Alternate Representative to the United Nations), tried to defend the whitewash by dumping on the Bush administrationís more direct approach to fighting the war against terror.

Not only did Ingraham point out that Bush had repeatedly gone out of his way to describe Islam -- rightly or wrongly -- as a peaceful faith.  She also reminded Soderberg that Bush has been out of office for more than a year and that it was time for the Obama administration to be held accountable for its failures.  Maybe Ingraham should host "The Factor" more often.

Nothing that Obama has done so far in trying to whitewash the radical Islamic source of the terrorist threat our country is facing today has worked.  The problem has gotten worse.  Before you can effectively fight the enemy -- whether on the military battlefield or in the war of ideas -- you have to understand who they really are and expose their true ideology to the world.

Brennan is full of baloney.  This is what a real authority, the Ayatollah Khomeini says about Islam -- "Those who know nothing of Islam pretend that Islam counsels against war.  Those [who say this] are witless." -- and this -- "Islam says: Whatever good there is exists thanks to the sword and in the shadow of the sword!  People cannot be made obedient except with the sword!  The sword is the key to Paradise, which can be opened only for Holy Warriors!"
Watch Out For Redacted
Alec Rawls describes how the FBI Director tried to warn about home grown Islamic terrorists, without mentioning "Islam."

In Senate testimony, Robert Meuller does everything he can to suggest that he is talking about Islamic extremists.  He cites Nidal Hasanís mass murder of American soldiers at Fort Hood.  He cites Mumbai attacks planner David Headley.  But thanks to Obamaís banning of any reference to Islam in relation to terror threats, Meuller is unable to specify that it isnít animal rights activists or disgruntled taxpayers who he is calling "an equally serious threat" as al Qaeda.  He can only describe the danger as "US-born extremists," of no particular persuasion.

Not allowed to name the enemy, Meuller sounds like Ray Charles telling Stevie Wonder where to steer the car:

"These terrorist threats are diverse, far-reaching and ever-changing, and to combat these threats, the FBI must sustain our overseas contingency operations and engage our intelligence and law enforcement partners both here at home and abroad," he said.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.  This intentionally stripped out language is how our intelligence analysts are now reduced to talking to each other internally as they try to conduct business, otherwise theyíll get fired.  They are commanded to turn a blind eye to Obamaís relentless favoritism for everything Islamic, including Islamic terrorists, who can no longer be tracked as such.  Muellerís tongue-tied testimony is a glimpse of the barriers that Obama is putting in the way of daily intelligence operations.

President Clinton gave us Jamie Gorelickís "wall of separation" between intelligence and law enforcement.  Obama has found an even more effective way to hamper national security: a wall of separation between each agentís brain and his mouth.
Taliban Not A Terrorist Organization
Amanda Carey says a new State Department report designating terrorist organizations notably excludes one group: the Taliban.  The U.S. has been fighting a war in Afghanistan for almost a decade aimed at "defeating the Taliban," Taliban members repeatedly have threatened and killed American citizens, and lawmakers have increased pressure on State to add the Taliban to the list.

Earlier this summer, a group of congressional Democrats sent a letter to Secretary of State Hilary Clinton urging her to begin the process of categorizing the Taliban as a terrorist group.  In June, Sens. Charles Schumer and Kristen Gillibrand of New York and Frank Lautenberg and Robert Menendez of New Jersey proposed legislation that would immediately add the Taliban to the terrorist list.

Yet the State Departmentís report (due on April 30 but released last week), did not include the Taliban with groups such as al-Qaida, Hamas and the Real Irish Republican Army (RIRA).  To qualify, an organization must meet only three criteria: It must be foreign, it must engage in terrorist activity and its activity must threaten the security of the U.S. or its citizens.

"It is hard to imagine this agency can see fit to issue a report that doesnít include the Taliban groups," Fred Gedrich, a foreign policy analyst and former State Department employee, told The Daily Caller.  "They have killed more Americans and conducted more terror attacks on innocent civilians during the past 12 months than any other terror group."

Gedrich and others troubled by the Talibanís absence from the list note that the Taliban recruited and trained the failed Times Square bomber.  Just days ago the Taliban claimed responsibility for the deaths of ten American medical missionaries in Afghanistan.

"Leaving these ruthless groups off the terror list undermines State Department credibility and could further endanger American troops, U.S. embassy personnel and others in Afghanistan and Pakistan, as well as Americans innocently going about their business in the United States," Gedrich said.

"Itís insane, because we are talking about the most barbaric group in the world," said Gedrich.

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