It's More Than The Birth Certificate

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Obama, who are you?


What is your secret?


Why won't you release your

bona fides?




The United States
Library of Congress
for inclusion in its
historic collection
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American Tea Party

America is on the brink of another revolution.  In a new American TEA Party, citizens across the USA are beginning to protest Obama's giant government programs that reach deep into their pockets.

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The Law


The Founders were very clear that the Commander-in-Chief should be a "natural born" citizen.

They were less clear in their definition of what that meant.


The Fraud


This bogus birth certificate, a Certification of Live Birth (COLB), was used to deceive over 300 million Americans in regards to Obama's true identity and birth origins.  This bogus birth certificate was used to deceive members of our government, our judiciary, our armed forces, and law enforcement into believing that Obama is a natural-born US citizen who is constitutionally eligible for the office of the President of the United States of America.
Oh, did I say it's bogus?


More Fraud



It was only yesterday, April 26, 2011, that Barack Obama said there was no point in releasing his long-form birth certificate because it wouldn't change anybodies mind, and a day later he does a 180.  And Hawaii just issued a bulletin saying they no longer issued long-form birth certificates -- and now Obama releases what he claims is his?  What's going on here?

More hanky-panky.  Oh, and did I say this one's bogus too?


The Coup



The sudden seizing of the government by a small group of persons in positions of authority.



One of the questions that the court must decide is whether a person governed by the laws of Great Britain at the time of their birth could be considered a "natural born" citizen of the United States as required by Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5, of the U. S. Constitution.

And there are many other equally troubling questions.  Questions that remain unanswered by any United States court -- and Obama's spending a ton of money to make sure it stays that way.



Some of the more infamous lawsuits that question Obama's eligibility.


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